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M-AUDIO Delta 1010LT - need "Control Panel"

Mac OS9 Lives about 16 hours ago

Hi, my first post here.I have resurrected a Mac G3 wih OS9.2 and succesfully installed a M-Audio Delta 1010LT PCI Card, it works great so far.I have found a copy of the drivers for the Soundcard but I am missing its "Control Panel" softwareDoes …

OS4Depot Adventures – Part 2

Old School Game Blog about 21 hours ago

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog! ?  If you want to find out more about what the OS4Depot Adventures series is about, please click here for an explanation. Are you ready for an adventure into the thick jungle of software called OS4Depot? Do you h …

Victor 9000 / S1 'Practical Usage'

VCFed about 1 day ago

Hi, I am not sure how many Victor users we have here, but I would be very interested what you are doing with your machines. - Are you using them 'just for fun' or are you doing 'serious business' with them As I have now got a working (@djg 's) emulatio …

Please help me to play high-quality audio on XT/286 machine

VCFed about 1 day ago

Hello Forum! I'm looking for a vintage PC hobbyist interested in running a DOS program that plays high-quality audio through a PC speaker. Context: I'm a vintage software hobbyist writing graphics/sound/other software using 20-30-year-old programming lan …

Greaseweazle -- uniform odd/even read errors on 360 KB disks

VCFed about 1 day ago

Hi all—I've seen an awful lot of Greaseweazle threads on this forum so hope this is the right spot. I've got a cache of IBM floppies from a family friend who was an amateur radio operator, and some appear to have specific software written to help hams op …

The Top 25 Dreamcast Indie Games... Voted by You! (2024 Edition)

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 3 days ago

At the beginning of the year, we put the call out to the community to vote for their favourite indie releases for the Sega Dreamcast, and, as always, you have all responded in a big way! We had more than double the number of respondents than the last time …

Audio tools • Arkos Tracker

Defence Force about 6 days ago

After having done a few tests, I think we can safely say that the Arkos player is better than the MYM on pretty much all points, except the number of available songs.I made a small music demo using the 6502 Arkos player that both Xeron and ISS used for th …

The ZippA - does anybody has preserved the BIOS?

VCFed about 6 days ago

Hello, there was a software/hardware called The ZippA to boot from parallel port ZIP drives even on XT class computers. There used to be two versions: 1. with modified MBR on the local harddisk load some function and then the system can continue to boot f …

Public Brand Software disks--worth archiving?

VCFed about 6 days ago

I'm going through more junk and discovered a number (9) of "Public Brand Software" disks for PC; I'm guessing late 80s-early 90s. Are they worth archiving, or can I safely toss these? (all are DS2D 3.5" media). Here's a sample: …

Flashback: How Saturn's Memory Expansion Carts Made It The King Of 2D Fighters

Time Extension about 7 days ago

Memory lane.When the first official images of the Saturn appeared around 1994, one aspect of the console's design caught the attention of some people: the cartridge slot. It led some to assume that the machine would be backwards compatible with the Mega Dr …

Jobs for Experienced Professionals. • 100% Remote Expert Mainframe systems Programmer Job Opening

zMainframes about 8 days ago

100% Remote Pay $100+ US Based Expert Mainframe Systems Programmer - LaSalle Network ( Network has partnered with an IT solutions company that is focused on creating digital transformation for their clientele. They are seek …

N64 Comes To Evercade - Is Dreamcast Next? "Never Say Never"

Time Extension about 8 days ago

"The tools have been designed to be architecture abstract".Blaze's Evercade family of systems has played host to NES, Mega Drive, SNES, PlayStation, arcade and even Amiga games, but its upcoming Piko Interactive Collection 4 finally adds a format which peo …

Tracing a vintage PCB in KiCAD

VCFed about 8 days ago

I've invested a bit of time trying to learn the ins and outs of KiCAD (it's the only software I'm even remotely familiar with for this task). I've been practicing on some Sphere boards as well as the Sol prototype PCB, trying to figure out which technique …

Jobs for Experienced Professionals. • Hiring for zOS Programmer/zOS Admin/zOS system engineer for our banking client located at Malaysia

zMainframes about 9 days ago

Hope you are doing well!Great Opportunity!! We are hiring for zOS Programmer/zOS Admin/zOS system engineer for our banking client located at MalaysiaJob Type: 24 months renewable contract through Accord InnovationsLocation: Selangor, Malaysia (work from O …

Macintosh Plus new user questions

Apple Fritter about 9 days ago

Hi all,Just had a Mac Plus 1 MB fall into my lap,never really used a Mac much in the past but wanted to explore the possibilities with this one. A few questions: 1. It came with what I think is Mac OS 6.08. Is this the recommended OS to use? Looks like it …

Two-button Mouse Software for OS 9.1

Mac OS9 Lives about 9 days ago

Hey guys, I know this has been discussed before, but I cannot find the entry(ies). Perhaps no one cares about this anymore? But, I would like to get a MacAlly 2-button mouse working with my Rev A iMac running OS 9.1. (Both buttons function as the left ... …

Running Alpha NT programs on x86 Windows

VCFed about 10 days ago

I don't know if this belongs more in the Vintage Computer Software section, but for the first time, it has become possible to run (a select few, buggy) Windows NT for Alpha programs on x86. As you may know, there was a way to run x86 Win32 programs on Alph …

Model 100 Software and/or Accessories

VCFed about 11 days ago

I'm looking for Model 100 software and hardware (though not really looking for any more 100s or 102s unless I need to buy a whole lot for items I am lacking). I am especially looking for non Radio Shack software and hardware for these machines. If you ha …

truevision targa

VCFed about 11 days ago

That's 10 years necroposting but I need a help. (mod edit: see the thread here that OP is referencing.) I cannot reach Maltelec on both of his addresses. Maybe somebody did that earlier and have Targa drivers/software? I have a rare Everex EV-680 board t …

DEC GIGI / VK100 and tcpser

VCFed about 11 days ago

I was lucky enough to be gifted a GIGI a couple of years ago (thanks Mike!). It works like a charm connected to my MicroVAX via a DECServer 200 terminal server at 9600 baud with software flow control (XON/XOFF). I have started messing around with tcpser …

Binge compiling Mac software

Mac OS9 Lives about 12 days ago

No idea if anyone would care for any of this, but I'm currently on a phase of just randomnly grabbing various Mac projects and trying to compile them until I pull it off, in particular for software that has source code available, but no distributed bin …

Archivists Set Out To Save Old Japanese Magazine Type-In Games

Time Extension about 12 days ago

Including games for everything from the Apple II to the Sord M5.If you've been following Time Extension for a while, you've probably come across our coverage of the website Gaming Alexandria — the small preservation hub run by a group of video game histo …

Cannot get Yellowstone Card to work

Apple Fritter about 12 days ago

Hi all, hope you're having a good day!I purchased a Yellowstone card for my Apple IIe over a year ago after hearing about how much everyone loved it and all the different software options it could open up to me. However, when I put it in my system it will …

Pro Tools 4

Mac OS9 Lives about 12 days ago

I recently got three Pro Tools 4 TDM CD-ROMs with authorizer disks. They are versions 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and 4.2. Does anybody have any advice on how to copy the authorizers? I don't have my Nubus system set up yet, but would like to get this software onlin …

Guide: All Analogue Pocket OpenFPGA Cores And Where To Download Them

Time Extension about 12 days ago

Update: Latest Konami cores added.The Analogue Pocket is a high-end handheld retro gaming system that uses FPGA technology to replicate the performance of classic gaming platforms on a hardware (rather than software) level, which means it's incredibly accu …