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Bushido Warrior

Games That Weren't about 3 days ago

1988 Ariolasoft / U.S. Gold Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 Bushido Warrior (or potentially just Bushido) was a new oriental themed Gauntlet clone that was due out for a wide number of … Continue rea …

Impact! (Audiogenic, 1987)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 25 days ago

Written for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga by John Dale with graphics by Martin "Spiny Norman" Day. Originally released by Audiogenic in 1987. Also published as "Blockbuster" in North America by Mindscape.Acorn BBC Micro/Electron conv …

Chit Chat • Unpreserved games: Have you played any?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

In my case as a CPC/MS-DOS/PS1/PS2 guy, I have the good or bad luck of having played one MIA game (Missing in Action, games that were never preserved).But it was probably a homebrew game that was basically very close to many other games but with a few var …

introduce yourself • Newbie to the Beeb

Stardot about 1 month ago

Hi everybody,I just got a BBC model b with a Gotek and it is really a new computer for me. In the 80's i had an Oric 1 followed by an Amstrad CPC 464 but in France the BBC micro was uncommon and it's still true.It seems to be a very interesting computer a …

General • Einstein as a cross-development platform

Tatung Forum about 1 month ago

Hi,I'm doing some research into the use of the Einstein 8-bit machines as a cross-development platform for the Spectrum, CPC, etc back in the day, with a view to possibly constructing a museum exhibit to demonstrate how this was done.I've seen mention of …

'Mighty Castle Adventure' Is A Castlevania Fan Game For The Amstrad CPC

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Spooky stuff.Given the massive popularity of Castlevania, it's not all that surprising that we've seen a lot of fan-made games based on the series – and we've got another to add to the growing list in the shape of Mighty Castle Adventure (thanks, Indie R …

Chit Chat • Has anyone learned a "new old system" in modern times?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

Not quite sure if the topic is as informative as I tried, but you'll get the hang of it.Back in the day I had a C64 with 1541, modem and a printer. Naturally I copied 'turbo tapes' and floppies and played, but I also did other stuff. Typed in listings, le …

Combat School (Konami, 1987)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 2 months ago

Developed and published by Konami to the arcades in 1987.Commodore 64 version:Programming by David Collier and Allan ShorttGraphics by Simon Butler and Shaun RidingsMusic by Martin GalwaySinclair ZX Spectrum version:Programming by Andrew Deakin and Michael …

New Releases • New Release - Stinger - The eighth home-brew game by Fabrizio Caruso for all 8bit systems

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

https://www.indieretronews... ... me-by.htmlIf you have an Amstrad CPC, C16, C64 or any of the other systems listed via the main page then this news is going to surprise you, as trawling through the Plus/4 world Facebook page, we've found out th …

Games • Is Bruce Lee the only game where player 2 can control the "bad guys" while player 1 completes the levels?

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

Hey guys, I'm mostly a CPC/MS-DOS/PS1 fan from Spain, but I appreaciate all retro platforms. I believe the true war should be retro Vs. modern. I created this account to ask this question here as this seems a very active forum and Bruce Lee came out for m …