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Brain Age: Concentration Training contains a mode called “Blob Blast”, which features a…

Supper Mario Broth about 2 days ago

Brain Age: Concentration Training contains a mode called “Blob Blast”, which features a touchscreen-based version of Wario’s Woods gameplay (with Toad being replaced by the player’s stylus dragging objects around).The music for this …

Peter Molyneux Declined McDonald's Video Game Because "Kids Imagine Ronald Skewering Them"

Time Extension about 2 days ago

"Absolutely nothing in the game must contain any sharp edges".Like any massive consumer brand, McDonald's has never been blind to the value of a good video game tie-in.1992's M.C. Kids on the NES kicked off the trend, followed by Global Gladiators on the S …

Limited Run Under Fire For "Horrible" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vinyl Release

Time Extension about 5 days ago

Update: Limited Run cites "restrictions".Update : The person behind the initial complaint regarding this vinyl release has said that LRG has been in touch and claims the quality issue was beyond its control:Original Story : Limited Run Games has been in th …

Classic Games That Have Made a Comeback

Retromash about 6 days ago

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing games. We have a vast array of online video games to play in addition to board games, with the latter enjoying a renaissance in recent times. There are many new gaming titles to enjoy but we have also witne …

Dreamcast Exclusive Sega Tetris Is Back Online, Thanks To Fans

Time Extension about 6 days ago

Game was never released outside of Japan.Although most people will connect Tetris with Nintendo thanks to the iconic Game Boy and NES versions, its one-time rival Sega also has a long association with the Russian puzzler.Sega created an arcade version of t …

Newcomers Forum • Assistance on how to get started

MISTerFPGA about 7 days ago

Hello, I’m currently trying to decide if I should get a MiSterFPGA and was wondering if I could be given some assistance on how to get started.I’ve been wanting to get a MiSter for the past few weeks, since I recently got back into playing retro games …

So, What Is the Appeal of Retro Video Games?

Retromash about 7 days ago

Video games are a massive multi-billion dollar industry these days. But it wasn’t always this way. Some might say it has become all about the money. Given the past few years of terrible AAA games we have had to endure, this might be true, as publishers s …

Multi-System Emulation Champ RetroArch Now Available On iPhone App Store

Time Extension about 7 days ago

One of the best emulator front-ends on the market.RetroArch, one of the best emulation options on the market, has been released on the iPhone App Store.This follows the release of Delta, Gamma and several other emulators on Apple's iOS platform.Read the fu …

A New Retro-Indie Fanmade Game: Mighty Final Fight Forever

Australian Retro Gamer about 8 days ago

Mighty Final Fight Forever is a fanmade beat ’em up project following on from the original Mighty Final Fight game released by Capcom in 1993 Indie developers Bouncer Games are working on a new game called Mighty Final Fight Forever, a redesigned and a c …

Random: This Mega Drive / Genesis Clone Looks Like An N64, Because Why Not

Time Extension about 8 days ago

Say hello to the Songa Mega Drive 3.We still see hilariously bad clone systems these days, but back in the '90s, the sheer volume of ropey imitations that flowed from the Far East was a sight to behold.There were countless Famicom / NES replications with o …

Bitmap Books' Run 'n' Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters Launches In July

Time Extension about 10 days ago

Celebrating "the traditional shoot-‘em-up’s closest cousin".UK publisher Bitmap Books has just revealed its next project, and it's focused on classic run 'n' shooters like Contra, Metal Slug and more.Penned by video game journalist, author, and comic b …

Display Devices • "Jumpy" video on a CRT (Philips CM8833-2) with SOME cores only.

MISTerFPGA about 12 days ago

Hi,The SCART output of my MiSTer Multisystem is connected to a Philips CM8833-2 CRT monitor (15KHz, similar to Commodore 1084S) using a SCART to RGB DB9 adapter.It works perfectly with most cores, but for several of them the picture "jumps" vertically by …

This NES Clone Has RGB, S-Video And HDMI Output

Time Extension about 13 days ago

Lava FC makes use of open-source RGB project.A new NES clone has appeared online which offers RGB and HDMI right out of the box.The 'Lava FC' is currently available on AliExpress for £240 and runs physical Famicom cartridges.Read the full article on timee …

You Seriously Need To Check Out This Fan-Made Remake Of Dragon Quest

Time Extension about 13 days ago

Orchestrated OST! Remixed monsters! New items! New dungeons!Enix's Dragon Quest is one of the most important JRPGs ever made and can be credited (alongside Final Fantasy) with turning the genre into the huge commercial proposition it is in Japan today.Howe …

Relive Classic Video Games on Your Phone

Retromash about 14 days ago

Video games have existed for a very long time. The first retro video game, Pong, was created in 1972. Back then, you needed a huge arcade machine to play it. Nowadays, your smartphone is a much more powerful device in your pocket. Along with all the modern …

Feature: The Forgotten Satellaview Sequel To Famicom Detective Club

Time Extension about 14 days ago

BS Detective Club was originally distributed for the Nintendo Satellaview in 1997.When Nintendo announced back in 2019 that it was releasing a pair of remakes of the Famicom Detective Club games The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind — and bette …

Cronela's Mansion Is A Maniac Mansion Style Point 'N Click Coming To Retro Machines

Time Extension about 14 days ago

Including NES, SNES, GBA, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, PC, and Switch.We're huge fans of point-and-click adventure games here at Time Extension, with Lucasfilm Games' Maniac Mansion ranking high on the list of our favourite games in the genre. So when we le …

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition

Australian Retro Gamer about 15 days ago

Nintendo brings home White Knuckle Speedrun Competition with Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition How quickly could you collect a roomful of coins in Super Mario Bros.? Or snag the sword at the start of The Legend of Zelda? Or clear the entire first c …

Review: AYANEO Pocket S - Premium Android Power That's Perfect For Emulation

Time Extension about 15 days ago

Monster in your pocket.AYANEO has previously made a name for itself in the realm of gaming PC hardware, from portable powerhouses like the Flip DS and Flip KB to tiny desktop devices, such as the AM01 and AM02 'retro' mini computers.It has also dipped a to …

Display Devices • Experiencing a sync issue of some kind with YPbPr on a 15khz CRT?

MISTerFPGA about 17 days ago

My MiSTer seems to have a sync issue going on via YPbPr. Not sure what's causing it exactly, but I only started experiencing this within the last few days or so. Experienced this with the GBA core's start screen, with Rusty on the ao486 core (running at 1 …

The Cost Of Owning A MiSTer FPGA Is About To Come Down Dramatically

Time Extension about 21 days ago

Update: New board shown in action.MiSTer FPGA is a remarkable platform for retro gaming. Via FPGA tech, it is able to offer an accurate and low-latency reproduction of many classic gaming platforms, from the NES all the way up to the N64, PS1 and Saturn.Ho …

Super Rare Taiwanese Mega Man Bootleg 'Zook Hero 3' Has Finally Been Dumped

Time Extension about 22 days ago

Unofficial game finally preserved.Back in the '90s and 2000s, it was quite common to see Chinese or Taiwanese-made bootleg games for consoles such as the NES, SNES and Game Boy.One such example was Zook Hero, a franchise made by Taiwan-based developer Vast …

New Open-Source N64 Flash Cart Imitates One Of Nintendo's Most Expensive Failures

Time Extension about 22 days ago

"SummerCart64 employs features not available in other N64 flashcarts".A new open-source N64 flash cart has arrived on the scene, and it promises to offer a viable alternative to those already available on the market.Created by Mateusz Faderewski – who go …

This 15-Year-Old Just Utterly Destroyed Tetris

Time Extension about 23 days ago

He has also 'Summoned Satan'.Remember when we reported on the incredible achievements of Alex Thach (AKA Alex T), a 15-year-old Tetris prodigy who recently became the first person to pass 10 million points on the game (he actually reached over 16 million p …

The Cost Of Owning A MiSTer FPGA Is About To Come Down Dramatically

Time Extension about 24 days ago

New MiSTer-based handheld coming, too.MiSTer FPGA is a remarkable platform for retro gaming. Via FPGA tech, it is able to offer an accurate and low-latency reproduction of many classic gaming platforms, from the NES all the way up to the N64, PS1 and Satur …