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Hardware Setups • Commodore C64X-G Build

MISTerFPGA about 21 hours ago

I thought people might like to see a completed MiSTer build in a new C64X case. I dub this the C64X-G in that the case color attempts to mimic the C64G case. These cases accommodate an mini-ITX motherboard and have very nice cherry MX keyboards. I replace …

Commodore 8 Bit Programming • Petopia for Commodore 8000 models about 5 days ago

Petopia for Commodore 8000 series PET'sIncludes source codehttps://milasoft64.itch... ... 8000-modelStatistics: Posted by milasoft64 — Sat May 18, 2024 3:50 pm — Replies 0 — Views 58 …

Commodore 8 Bit Programming • SPEED TEST: Simons' BASIC vs. C128 BASIC vs. Vision BASIC about 6 days ago

Retro Old Guy has released a new video comparing Simons' BASIC with C128 BASIC and Vision BASIC: a mismatch clearance sale over at the Vision BASIC website, where they're practically giving away a few cop …

Commodore 8 Bit Programming • Petopia - Colour PET demo for all models about 6 days ago

Petopia is a multiple page demo for the Commodore PET computer. It comes in versions for all models of PETs.It also utilizes the Color PET if you have one but it will work on REGULAR PET models too.Pressing space on pages 3 to 6 enables hold mode where th …

The Misadventures of Flink - A CD32 Exclusive Review | Amigos: Everything Amiga 453

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 7 days ago

? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 8:11 Flink Review 53:41 for all your Commodore computer needs! 54:26 Amiga News Get your tickets for Boatfest, the Amigos …

PaCommEx • Presentations and guests at PaCommEx 2024 about 10 days ago

The list is growing! Here are the ones planned so far --The AmigaOne A1222+Dan Sanderson and the Mega65Trevor Dickinson and his Commodore/Amiga CollectionColor Printing on the CommodoresSlow Scan Television and the C64TeensyROM for the C64/128For more de …

Display Devices • "Jumpy" video on a CRT (Philips CM8833-2) with SOME cores only.

MISTerFPGA about 12 days ago

Hi,The SCART output of my MiSTer Multisystem is connected to a Philips CM8833-2 CRT monitor (15KHz, similar to Commodore 1084S) using a SCART to RGB DB9 adapter.It works perfectly with most cores, but for several of them the picture "jumps" vertically by …

I just turrican't. Turrican III | Amigos: Everything Amiga 452

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 13 days ago

Does the series finale end with a bang or a whimper? ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 4:18 Turrican 3 Review 40:30 for all your Commodore computer needs! …

Relive Classic Video Games on Your Phone

Retromash about 14 days ago

Video games have existed for a very long time. The first retro video game, Pong, was created in 1972. Back then, you needed a huge arcade machine to play it. Nowadays, your smartphone is a much more powerful device in your pocket. Along with all the modern …

Lost-Media Website 'Games That Weren't' Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Time Extension about 21 days ago

The site was started all the way back in 1999.The lost-media/games preservation website Games That Weren't is currently celebrating 25 years since its initial formation.Inspired by Ian Osborne's Commodore Force article "That Was The Game That Wasn’t", Fr …

ComVEX - Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) • Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2025 - April 26-27 about 23 days ago

The CLASS of 2025 is set for the weekend after Easter, 2025! First payment sent to our venue -- the Burbank VFW hall at 1006 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California. Friday set-up, April 25.I've updated the CLASS website at …

Jail Break (Konami, 1985)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 23 days ago

Developed by Konami for the arcades.Directed by Oolong Sugimo.Produced by Kagemasa Kozuki and Soft Second Development Room.Music and sound effects by Sound Effect Study Room.Originally published as an arcade game kit in North America by Konami Industry Co. …

Anniversary: 30 Years Ago Today, Commodore Died

Time Extension about 24 days ago

The end of a computing legend.On this day 30 years ago, computer giant Commodore announced it was to enter voluntary bankruptcy and liquidation.The news came after years of the Amiga market shrinking and following costly commercial flops such as the CDTV a …

Futuristic Subbuteo! Projectyle - The Complete Review | Amigos: Everything Amiga 450

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 26 days ago

Subbuteo of the future, played on the second moon of Jupiter! ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 7:29 Projectyle Review 51:58 for all your Commodore computer …

ComVEX - Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) • Photos - videos from Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2024 about 28 days ago

Most (if not all) of the photos have come in for the April 13-14 CLASS 2024. See below -- ... geles.htmlhttp://blog.retro... ... e-los.htmlhttp://blog.retro... ... e-los.html …

The Game Creation Kit 'Scorpion Engine' Adds Neo Geo Support

Time Extension about 1 month ago

The engine also supports Amiga, Amiga CD32, and Mega Drive / Genesis.If you happen to play a lot of new homebrew games, then you've probably come across at least one project over the last year that has been built using the Scorpion Engine.The popular video …

Interview: "We’ve Finally Sighted Land" - Free Stars, The Star Control Successor 30 Years In The Making

Time Extension about 1 month ago

"I liken this journey to the one that Odysseus went through".The story of the sci-fi action-adventure series Star Contol is a long and complicated one.Originally debuting in 1990 as a strategy game for MS-DOS and Commodore Amiga, it was the brainchild of a …

Thalamus Collection 1 Announced For Evercade Consoles

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Pre-orders open later this month.Blaze Entertainment, the company behind the Evercade family of gaming consoles, has revealed today that it will be bringing out a new cart containing 11 games from the British developer Thalamus.The cart, which is called Th …

The Thalamus collection of 8-bit hits blasts onto Evercade

Portable Gaming Roundup about 1 month ago

Evercade's one-company news onslaught continues and ends of a high for the week with Thalamus Collection 1. Hot on the heels of Tomb Raider from the PlayStation era and more hardware, it shows the versatility of the platform to cross generations. One …

35 Years Later, Prince Of Persia Has Just Got An (Unofficial) Port For The Vic-20

Time Extension about 1 month ago

The port was inspired by Nicodim's unofficial ZX Spectrum port.Broderbund's classic action-platformer Prince of Persia has been ported to a lot of machines since its original release on the Apple II in 1989 — both officially and unofficially. However, on …

Lure of the Temptress - The Complete Review | Amigos: Everything Amiga 449

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 1 month ago

Lure of the Temptress debuted the Virtual Theater, where characters moved around independently in a living world! ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 7:15 Lure of the Temptre …

'The Epyx Collection: Handheld' Brings 6 Atari Lynx Games To Switch

Time Extension about 1 month ago

The collection will release on April 25th.A new emulation collection containing six classic Atari Lynx games is about to be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop later this month (as spotted by gosokkyu!).The Epyx Collection: Handheld comes courtesy of the …

'Beyond The Ice Palace' Is Getting A Sequel, 36 Years Later

Time Extension about 1 month ago

For Steam, Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.The publishers PQube Games and PixelHeart are partnering up with the Ganryu 2 and Golden Force developer Storybird Studio to release Beyond the Ice Palace II — a new sequel to the 1988 Commodore 64 game Beyond …