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Evercade Reveals TheC64 Collection 3, Coming In 2024

Time Extension about 2 days ago

Featuring Boulder Dash, Summer Games II, & many more.Earlier today, Evercade unveiled TheC64 Collection 3, the latest in its series of cartridge-based retro reissues for its Evercade line of consoles.The collection will feature 13 games that were previousl …

Commodore 1084 PAL monitor - instruction manual here

VCFed about 3 days ago

Hi, I've scanned my manual as I couldn't find it already on-line: ... 1084 PAL instructions.pdf ... with Dropbox ... …

other vintage hardware, software and languages • Commodore 16 RAM upgrade DRAM compatibility question

Stardot about 3 days ago

Hello,It is possible to upgrade a Commodore 16 to 64k by inserting 2 x TMS4464 and adding a couple of address line connections and bending some legs on the SN74ls257 etc. ... modore-64/My question is would it also w …

Review: Worms Collection 1 - Low On Content, High On Enjoyment

Time Extension about 3 days ago

How hard is yours?Worms has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world of video gaming, which is no mean feat when you consider that it all started as a personal experiment by computer shop staffer Andy Davidson on his humble Casio graphing ca …

Pole Position II Skids Onto Nintendo Switch & PS4 Later This Week

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Arrives on December 7th.Namco's racing sequel Pole Position II will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop & PS4 this week on December 7th, as reported by Famitsu. It joins the original game, which was released across both consoles earlier this year on …

Bushido Warrior

Games That Weren't about 3 days ago

1988 Ariolasoft / U.S. Gold Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 Bushido Warrior (or potentially just Bushido) was a new oriental themed Gauntlet clone that was due out for a wide number of … Continue rea …

FRGR #15: The Complete Works of Simo Ojaniemi (Amersoft, 1984)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 4 days ago

For this year's Finnish Independence Day celebratory blog post, I decided to take a closer look at all four games by Simo Ojaniemi, who is one of the pioneers in Finnish game developing. He started out developing games on his brother Juha's Commodo …

Commodore PET Universal 8032086 measurements

VCFed about 5 days ago

I'm busy with a project to, as close as possible, recreate the PCB layout from scratch for the Commodore PET Universal 8032086. About 95% completed and have been using the schematic diagrams and hi-res pics of the motherboards to re-create the PCB layout. …

Review: The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 - Great Games, Wrong Versions

Time Extension about 6 days ago

Console yourself.If you grew up with the Amiga, then The Bitmap Brothers will need no introduction. This legendary British developer was responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed games of the '80s and '90s, and even today, titles like Speedball …

ISA Super VGA Sergey’s - monochrome

VCFed about 6 days ago

Hello I made an ISA Super VGA card. PCB V1.1. On a Commodore PC10 computer, the video is monochrome. 1. I removed FB6 and C17 - no change, monochomatic video 2. Bios 3.51 and 4.01 - no changes, monochomatic video 3. I connected the original TRIDENT VGA …

Commodore Discussion • Commodore Free issue 97 - 2023 about 7 days ago

A big Christmas surprise! Commodore Free magazine is back with issue 97! The last issue before the current one was published back in 2017. In the new issue, there is a tribute to the late programmer, Jason Kelk; VIC-20 news, C64 news, Amiga news, PE …

Commodore Free issue 97 - 2023

VCFed about 7 days ago

A big Christmas surprise! Commodore Free magazine is back with issue 97! The last issue before the current one was published back in 2017. In the new issue, there is a tribute to the late programmer, Jason Kelk; VIC-20 news, C64 news, Amiga news, PE …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • C128D RGBI to VGA output test

Lemon64 about 8 days ago

I recently got a GGLabs CGA2RGBv2/GBS-8200 setup to convert the RGBI output of the C128 to my VGA monitor.Its working but Ive noticed my 80 column text is yellow instead of blue like above.Is there software to test the color output like the pic below?Stat …

Input Devices • SNAC for Commodore/Atari computers

MISTerFPGA about 8 days ago

I was thinking of buying a SNAC adapter but I read somewhere that the C64, Amiga and Atari ST cores don't support SNAC, is it true?If this is the case, are there alternative solutions (possibly just as cheap) that would let me use Commodore/Atari joystick …

Help & Support • Commodore 64 Diagnostic Guide

Lemon64 about 9 days ago

Hello retro friends!I have been working on a tool that serves as a guide and goes through a detailed step by step diagnostic of your C64 main ICs, simplifying the process of checking voltages and frequencies to reach a final diagnostic.I believe that whet …

FS: Commodore 64 with box

VCFed about 10 days ago

For sale is a very lightly used Commodore 64 bundle. Includes the following: -C64 unit in excellent condition (in new condition with zero yellowing) -power supply (tested good) -manuals and setup guide -original box with foam inserts We've tested this to …

Penguin Tower

Games That Weren't about 10 days ago

2000 Problemchild Productions Platform: PC Way back in 2000, Games That Weren’t had got in touch with Jani Hirvo regarding his lost Commodore 64 game – Penguin Tower. But did you know there was also a PC version? You see … Continue readin …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • 2532 EPROM - VIC-1212 PROGRAMMER'S AID CARTRIDGE

Lemon64 about 10 days ago

I have a few blank VIC project cartridge boards that I want to use. I got the idea to replicate the VIC-1212 PROGRAMMER'S AID CARTRIDGE. I ordered the original off of ebay, and it arrived today. I immediately opened it up to see the board, connections, an …

Scene • Create and use a parabola in basic for c64

Lemon64 about 11 days ago

good evening, I wanted to move a sprite in the x and y direction and at each obstacle make it perform a parabolic jump. I found the formula and example in a magazine, which applied to the Commodore 64 works correctly. the problem is, that the jump never s …

A New Book Is Set To Chart The History Of Firebird Software

Time Extension about 12 days ago

'Memories of Firebird' is available to preorder now.If you happened to be around in the days when microcomputers were king, you may be aware of Firebird Sofware.The British publisher was established in 1984 as a publishing arm of Telecomsoft and was respon …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • Another C128 black screen

Lemon64 about 13 days ago

Hello everyone,I purchased a C128 without a PSU. The C128 was advertised as functional with supporting images. Instead of buying a PSU, I opted to create one using the Ismet C64 PSU, retaining the transformer in a way that I connected the 9V AC line to t …