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other vintage hardware, software and languages • Commodore 16 RAM upgrade DRAM compatibility question

Stardot about 3 days ago

Hello,It is possible to upgrade a Commodore 16 to 64k by inserting 2 x TMS4464 and adding a couple of address line connections and bending some legs on the SN74ls257 etc. ... modore-64/My question is would it also w …

Commodore 16, 64, 128, VIC-20, PET • OT: C64, reset and irq implementation question

MISTerFPGA about 9 days ago

Hello,maybe this is a bit off topic for MiSTer, but maybe some experts on the C64 FPGA implementation may help me by finding an answer which is/was also of interest by the FPGA implementation of the great C64 core.I am currently working on an implementati …

Commodore 16, 64, 128, VIC-20, PET • C64 problem with The Space is Broken demo

MISTerFPGA about 14 days ago

I think I found an incompatibility issue with the C64 core in the Space is Broken - great demo by FAIRLIGHT group some scenes, artifacts appear that are not visible on real …

New Releases • New (Old) Release - Tower of Evil by Creative Sparks released by Excess

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

https://www.indieretronews... ... .html#morePer Indie Retro News:nother Commodore 64 port to grace our home computer screens and mentioned by Excess, is the Commodore 16, Plus/4, ZX Spectrum and VIC 20 game of Tower of Evil. A top down action ga …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • TRIANGULAR ?OS 1.29 for Commodore Plus/4

Lemon64 about 20 days ago

TRIANGULAR ?OS 1.29 for Commodore Plus/4 operates only in PETSCII and adds 2 games IPONG and LCD RACE from Roepipi place of SNAKES and LUNAR LAND.Changelog for TRIANGULAR ?OS 1.29 for Commodore Plus/4 [19-11-2023]:- Supports Commodore Plus/4 with 64 KB of …

Questprobe 2 – Spiderman

Games That Weren't about 24 days ago

1985 Adventure International Platforms: Dragon 32, Commodore Plus 4 This is a short entry to extend our Dragon 32/Plus/4 entries into the Games That Weren’t archive, with what was suggested as being a new Adventure International title that was being …

Stunt Car Racer Gets Impressive Port For The Commodore Plus/4

Time Extension about 26 days ago

Update: Now available for Apple II too!Update : Fresh off porting Stunt Car Racer to the Commodore Plus/4, Cobbpg has released yet another incredible port of the game. This time, it's for the Apple II computer, which was originally released all the way bac …

Emulators • BMC64 Menu - what controls the way the keyboard functions in the menu

Lemon64 about 29 days ago

I am finishing my second BMC64 project and have one last problem. I configured a C16 keyboard and the keyboard now works well in Kernal. (edited rpi_pos.vkm) and set to Positional.But, when I open the BMC menu, all the keys do not work. Letters work, the …

Commodore 16, 64, 128, VIC-20, PET • Problematic Game Typed From a Program Listing

MISTerFPGA about 30 days ago

I'm trying to run this game typed from the legendary Finnish MikroBitti magazine. It works with a real VIC-20 of the fellow who had typed it and kindly sent me the files, but with the latest VIC-20 core my IPS Dell loses sync and says it cannot display th …

Emulators • BMC Vice in a Commodore 16 Keyboard issues

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

Hello all,I am struggling with, I think, keymapping a c16 keyboard in BMC VIce.The Goal is to have a BMC machine in a Commodore 16 case.I have a BMC setup with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and if I plug in a Commodore 64 keyboard it works just fine. I load the …

New Releases • Timeslip

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

]https://www.indieretronew... ... liams.htmlThis Commodore 16 & Atari 8bit 1985 classic finally timeslips onto the C64.The aim of the game is to collect all the orbs across 3 scrolling landscape zones, but at the same time you also have to …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • Plus4: temporarily banking out cartridge?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

Hi! I want to continue working on my Plus4 cartridge memory configurations for cc65. Unfortunately, one of the 32k versions doesn't work properly: its demo program sometimes locks up while displaying its text. I want to expand the other 32k version b …

Supermarket • Auctions: Two C64s, VC-1541, C1551

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

I'm have these auctions on Swedish auction site Tradera. I will ship inside the EU.Commodore 64 in original box. Probably has a faulty 6526 CIA chip as some keys don't work.Commodore 64 in original box. Fully working when tested.Commodore VC 1541 Disk Dri …

Member Introductions • Greetings from the Dutch collector

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

Hello everyone,I am in my 50s and live in the Netherlands.I have been addicted to Commodore computers and everything that comes with them for years.With 12x c64, 2x c16, 1x plus/4, a dozen floppy drives and more than 2000 floppies, I can call myself a col …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • Commodore 16 screen problem

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

I picked up a C16 from ebay, giving a garbled screen initially, I replaced the PLA with Eslapion's excellent PLAnkton chip. Success it seemed, the screen displayed correctly, keyboard worked etc. Until I came to load a game from tape. I typed "Load" , pr …

New Releases • New Release - Stinger - The eighth home-brew game by Fabrizio Caruso for all 8bit systems

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

https://www.indieretronews... ... me-by.htmlIf you have an Amstrad CPC, C16, C64 or any of the other systems listed via the main page then this news is going to surprise you, as trawling through the Plus/4 world Facebook page, we've found out th …

Commodore 16, 64, 128, VIC-20, PET • Commodore 128 Proper Reset

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

C128 core lacks the proper real c128 reset feature.On real c128 if you press "run/stop" key and turn on the computer, or hardware reset it, the c128 start in "monitor mode"In same way, if you do the same but keeping pressed the commodore key, it start dir …

TWO-FER #25: Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Konami, 1984/1985)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 2 months ago

Originally developed and released for the arcades by Konami Industry Co. Ltd. in 1984.Acorn Electron & BBC Micro version written by Peter Johnson. Published by Imagine Software in 1985.Amstrad CPC version written by Keith Wilson and Brian Beuken, with …

Parker Brothers' Empire Strikes Back Gets Remarkable Port For The Commodore Plus/4

Time Extension about 2 months ago

The port is based on Megastyles' 2022 C64 port.As reported by IndieRetroNews, The Parker Brothers' 1982 adaptation of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back for the Intellivision and Atari 2600 has just received a rather unexpected and incredible-looking port for …

What Is The Best Commodore 128 Emulator?

How To Retro about 3 months ago

The Commodore 128 is one of Commodore’s lesser-known home computers, released in 1985, it never reached the heights of its predecessor, the Commodore 64, making it somewhat of a curious machine for many. If you’re looking to sample the Comm …

Help & Support • Commodore Plus 4 keycap whitening effort

Lemon64 about 3 months ago

Today, I tried my first effort at keycap whitening on my Plus 4. It came out really nice, with the one exception of the F2/F5 function key still looking dark. Let me just say up front that putting the keycaps and tiny springs back onto the keyboard was no …