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other vintage hardware, software and languages • UK101 Programmable sound generator(PSG) AY-3-8910

Stardot about 17 minutes ago

Who does not remember the Premier Publication Software and Hardware projects like the AY-3-8910 Soundboard.In combination with Basic4/5/X ROMs, the Soundboard could be programmed directly in Basic.Now the AY-3-8910 is emulated beside an SN76489AN PSG that …

Looking for Apple IIe or Atari 800

VCFed about 1 day ago

Hi gang, Looking for an Apple IIe or Atari 800, with or without accessories (disk drives, monitor, etc.) that I could pick up locally (Boston area, but travel often to NH, VT, CT). Thanks for any leads! --Chris …

Commodore 1084 PAL monitor - instruction manual here

VCFed about 3 days ago

Hi, I've scanned my manual as I couldn't find it already on-line: ... 1084 PAL instructions.pdf ... with Dropbox ... …

Apple M1296 Drawings

VCFed about 4 days ago

Anyone have circuit diagrams of the Apple Mac II monitor M1296 ? I have two to fix and have been scouring the ether looking for them with no success. Cheers. …

32-bit acorn hardware • First look at an A3020

Stardot about 7 days ago

My mate Tony dropped off this A3020 that he'd been given and never plugged in - my mission is to get it going!I plugged it in to the mains, no monitor because I can't find a VGA cable I know, amateur hour. There's no beep from the speaker, but power & …

Hi from the SW UK

VCFed about 7 days ago

I'm Robin [male humanoid]. I initially only joined so I could download a PDF to help someone-else connect their monitor to a BBC Micro, then thought this looks like an interesting forum. I can be found randomly between Bristol and London UK: I was born in …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • C128D RGBI to VGA output test

Lemon64 about 8 days ago

I recently got a GGLabs CGA2RGBv2/GBS-8200 setup to convert the RGBI output of the C128 to my VGA monitor.Its working but Ive noticed my 80 column text is yellow instead of blue like above.Is there software to test the color output like the pic below?Stat …

Help with cable routing for an A2000 with a genlock card?

VCFed about 8 days ago

Hi all, I've got an Amiga 2000 with a 1084 monitor, which is usually plugged into the 23-pin RGB port on the back of the Amiga. However, I recently uncovered an old Amiga A2300 Genlock card and got that installed into the video port inside the A2000. It l …

32-bit acorn hardware • A4000S Restoration

Stardot about 9 days ago

Hi all,I acquired an Acorn A4000S a few days ago, I'm in the process of restoring, deep cleaning etc.The system has the original monitor, mouse, keyboard and documentation, a really lovely machine. So far I've removed the CMOS battery before it causes any …

OS/2 Display Refresh Rate

VCFed about 10 days ago

Not the right place to ask but I’ve been waiting several days for my os2world account to get verified… Does anybody know how to set custom refresh rates in OS/2 Warp 3? It doesn’t seem to identify my monitor’s capabilities correctly and I don’t …

32-bit acorn hardware • Monitor black level (emulation & AKF11)

Stardot about 10 days ago

I was recently pointed to this twitter thread from last year : is that Arc monitors early on (presumably AKF11 and the like) apparently had deliberately crushed black levels in order to impro …

8-bit acorn hardware • Connecting 2 RGB monitors to a single BBC

Stardot about 10 days ago

We have inherited an excellent scrolling "marquee" type program from a former teacher who wrote it himself to display school admin type messages. It's a very impressive piece of programming and I have suggested that he submits it to the Flaxcottage educat …

32-bit acorn hardware • New A3000 Restoration Upgrade Progress

Stardot about 11 days ago

Hi,I've had an A3000 from new (Christmas 1989), that has been in storage since the mid-90s and since then has been moved over here to New Mexico when I now live. I've been thinking about restoring it for a while and have decided to make a start. As you ca …

ZX-81 Project, ram expansion help

VCFed about 11 days ago

I have this project I've been working on. I picked up a zx-81 (or was it a timex sinclair 1000?) from a flea market for $7 along with a 16k ram expansion. The computer seems to work but the keypad doesn't (typical). Since I already have a working zx-81 I …

Help on monitor issue with Taxan 770 plus, powers on but video collapses.

VCFed about 12 days ago

So this is a hard lesson to not recap things that aren't broke. I recapped my 1987 working Taxan 770 monitor and when I put it back together I had one high voltage crack on power on. Thinking it was just the anode cap getting settled back or something du …

32-bit acorn hardware • VGA to HDMI - Looking for opinions

Stardot about 12 days ago

I was wondering if anyone had any experience using these convertors to take VGA from my A5000 and connect to HDMI on my Dell 34" Monitor? ... 094&sr=8-9It's dirt cheap, so I guess I could just buy it and see, but …

Another Leading Edge DC-2010E Leading Edge Amber Monochrome Monitor issues

VCFed about 13 days ago

No video and no beeps. The voltage rails look good at 5V and 12V. The Varta battery had leaked, but I removed it and cleaned up the leaking. There wasn't too much and the traces that were leaked on look fine. I've tried the mono/cga switch in both posi …

Phillips 8833/05G

VCFed about 14 days ago

Got a failed monitor to check The flyback is totally toast, not a single coil seems to have continuity which seems really odd. Checked the HO transistor and it checks as fine, I wonder if its being turned on continuously ? Any ideas ? https:// …

Display Devices • Best video presets for a LG 55' C1 OLED?

MISTerFPGA about 15 days ago

So I have been using my mister on a sony trinitron 21'', but the tv is not working anymore and no maintenance in the city where I live, so I will have to use mister on my oled tv. before this tv I used mister on a samsung lcd monitor 21'' and even tried …

NEC Multisync II (JC-1402) monitor repair notes

VCFed about 15 days ago

Hi, I bought this monitor back in 2015 as faulty, and it has been sat on my shelf until a few weeks ago. The service manual is on-line, make sure when downloading your copy has page 2 with the connector pin-outs and signals as some versions out there have …

Display Devices • MiSTercade (v1) Consumer VGA Voltage Correction Board

MISTerFPGA about 15 days ago

Hello,I wanted to share my simple voltage adapter board, for the v1 MiSTercade's HD15 VGA port.This board negates the requirement of the XL board, to lower RGB voltage, for consumer grade PC monitors (and arcade monitors).It creates a voltage divider, whe …

32-bit acorn hardware • A3010 boots to blank screen

Stardot about 16 days ago

HiCome by a a3010 adelaide and trying to get it to boot.I have no suitable monitor so trying to tune into tv.All I get is a blank screen. Seems to post and beep. Keyboard lights turn on & off and there are no floppy light error messages.Static on the …

8-bit acorn hardware • Cub 1451 - Blurry screen when contrast turned to usable level

Stardot about 16 days ago

Hello,I recently acquired a Cub 1451 Monitor. I swapped the 1000uF C224 capacitor before powering it on and other than a bit of dust the inside looked fairly clean and in good shape.With the monitor powered on and plugged into a Model B the picture is ver …

Mini PC recommendations for emulation

Neo Geo Forums about 17 days ago

So I'm looking at getting something to hook up to my main TV and also use on a rotatable monitor. It's mainly going to be used for emulation and light computing (browsing the internet, YT, streaming etc). As far as emulation goes I want it to run later Cav …

Sony PlayStation (PSX) • Does the 480p hack actually work?

MISTerFPGA about 17 days ago

The PSX 480p hack is pretty neat if it suits your monitor. I'm using a multisync (240p480p) VGA monitor, so my senses tell me that when I enable a 480p hack, the monitor should render the graphics @ 480p. This doesn't seem to be the case, I output dual …