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new bbc and electron games from 'retro software' • RetroGinger: New Nethack/Rogue adventure game

Stardot about 3 days ago

Working on a new Nethack/Rogue adventure game for the BBC.Going to feature 100 levels and the intention is to release this on physical media in a nice box and bundled booklet.Just like it was back in the day!Play testers welcome for a pre-release version …

Glen Bredon's DOS.MASTER for ProDOS Drives

Apple Fritter about 21 days ago

Moving the discussion about compatibility problems with the "DOS.GAMES" collection (see previous discussion here) to this separate thread. It's not a DAN][-specific topic, and the other thread is getting incredibly long anyway. Makes sense to spin off side …

Scene • Does CHROUT() out to 1541 disk drive interfere with RDTIM()/jiffies clock?

Lemon64 about 23 days ago

I am a bit stumped attempting to measure KB/sec file write speed in my program.I basically dot0 = RDTIM();SETNAM()SETLFS()OPE... * (CHROUT() + READST())CLOSE()t1 = RDTIM();and then log (t1-t0)/60 as the elapsed number of seconds.But for e.g. a 80 …

ROM Hacking Website No Longer Accepting New Homebrew Games

Time Extension about 25 days ago

Update: Homebrew Section won't be removed after all.Update : In a statement on a recent site announcement about temporarily disabling downloads due to being targeted by scraping services, a staff reviewer at has denied that the homebrew sect …

Scene • Full documentation of SETNAM filename syntax, and different values of Secondary Address for different devices?

Lemon64 about 30 days ago

To write a file to disk, I have been calling SETNAM with filename set to "@0:myfile.txt,S,W". If I don't prepend the "@0:" part, I cannot overwrite the file if it already existed. I know that S means Sequential file and P means PRG, and last param is eith …

VaxStation 3100 error at startup

VCFed about 1 month ago

Hi all, My station shows a new error message at startup. What do you think about it? Thanks for any comment! Jean-Pierre …

Putting a PT-65B switchmode power module into an Apple IIe

Apple Fritter about 2 months ago

Hi -I finally managed to replace the power supply of my Apple IIe with a "Mean Well" PT-65B switchmode power supply. As you can see from the photo, it fits nicely into the metal box of the original power supply, and once the box is closed, no difference ca …

Dreamcast-Themed Ale Spotted!

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 2 months ago

Credit to Anthony DeCenzo on UntappdA post from T-Rodge on Twitter yesterday showcased the existence of a Dreamcast-themed ale from the Maine, USA brewery “Odd By Nature”. While I’m not an alcohol drinker, I do appreciate some of the fun pop cul …

Website Discussions • Comparing games to other platforms

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

I guess this has been discussed before - but I feel the need to express my thoughts nevertheless. Can people please stop rating C64 games down because they like the version for platform xyz better To me references to other platforms can definitively be …

development tools • Rom Filing System stream generator

Stardot about 2 months ago

I have written a simple utility for creating a byte stream in the correct format for inclusion in a sideways ROM image that can be read by the RFS: might need to alter …

Sega Saturn • BIOS discrepancies

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

After sorting out the N64 bioses, I am trying to setup the Saturn by sorting out its bioses and boy oh boy.This is what I found:I navigated to to take a look at the candidatesAfter gathering the file …

Input Devices • Spinners, Trackballs, and the Setting 0xFFFF

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

I recently got one of these, on eBay.It's an Atgames Legends Ultimate Fight Stick/ Control Panel, and connects via USB.It's flippin' huge, but has a really nice feel. The sticks are decent, not cheap feeling. The concave buttons are clicky, and have a rea …

Confirming the Death of my MDD... (?)

Apple Fritter about 2 months ago

If you have followed the history , or not... I have an MDD that I was using as my main OS X file server for many things. Throughout its very reliable lifespan of just under 20 years, it has seen failures [one HDD, three PSUs (1x 360W, 2x 400W), one AGP vid …

Interest evaluation: cps1 mult crystal and/or audio merge kit

Arcade Projects about 2 months ago

Everyone just kinda comment below on whether you will be buying a dual crystal for your cps1 motherboard for use with the multi or the audio mod to allow audio for both cps1 and cps1.5 through the RCA jacks or both kits. I'm trying to get a feeling of how …

Osborne executive specs question

VCFed about 2 months ago

The following comment showed up on the Osborne Executive Wikipedia page today: “The CPU in the Executive was the Zilog Z80B running at 6MHz not the Z80A in the description. The only operating system supported by Osborne was CP/M Plus (3.0). It was nev …

Osborne executive 6 MHz version?

VCFed about 2 months ago

The following comment showed up on the Osborne Executive Wikipedia page today: “The CPU in the Executive was the Zilog Z80B running at 6MHz not the Z80A in the description. The only operating system supported by Osborne was CP/M Plus (3.0). It was nev …

Podcast 191 – Alligator Hunt

Ten Pence Arcade Podcast about 2 months ago

DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Sparkly lighty-up boards, Biscuits with rings and spikes, Ovens full of gooses Videoing stationary ovens, Small Elephants, Milking a crab LINKS: Play Alligator Hunt in your Browser Monaco GP Drop In Board Replacement PaulHamX (P …

Flashback: Remembering The Time Robbie Williams Did Motion Capture For FIFA

Time Extension about 2 months ago

"He said, 'I’ll do this for nothing'".In 1999, EA Sports made an agreement with the famous UK singer Robbie Williams to feature his latest single "It's Only Us" as the opening song for FIFA 2000. The publisher had licensed popular music in the past, cutt …

PS2 Cheats with RetroArch – Using PNACH Files

How To Retro about 2 months ago

You may already be aware of the incredibly long-winded way in which you can create cheats for PS2 games, so I thought it would be useful to outline the most simple way to obtain PNACH cheat files that can be used in RetroArch with the LRPS2 Core (Previous …

8-bit acorn software: other • ANFS/DNFS Patches for Model Bs with 8271 DFS and Econet

Stardot about 2 months ago

As the newly-found owner of a Model B with 8271 and Econet fitted plus DNFS 1.20, as I'm sure some of us know, playing games can be annoying with having to manually disable NFS to bring PAGE back down to &1900. One other trick (which I've been using u …

general • Acorn: A World in Pixels - and general thoughts!

Stardot about 3 months ago

I have just finished reading the 2nd edition of Acorn: A World in Pixels, after reading the 1st edition a few years back. I love this book.I admit that I lost interest a little bit in the last quarter, just as I lost interest in the BBC B back in the day, …

Grand Theft Auto 6 Set To Be The Most Expensive Video Game Of All Time

Retro Dodo about 3 months ago

This week has been an exciting one for leaks from some of the biggest gaming companies out there, and the latest leak from Rockstar Games is pointing towards Grand Theft Auto 6 being the most expensive game on the market. It’s been 10 years sinc …

New Releases • TheHolyCube 0.95 - Beta - One button action puzzler

Lemon64 about 3 months ago

# THE HOLY CUBE 0.95cozy one button action puzzler. inspired by one button bob and ns-tower (1997). turned the analoge game into a level based game. coded in kickassembler in the c64 gameengine cry64engine (chludens)# the gameplaytry to catch all pixel st …

CRKD Nitro Deck Review

Retro Dodo about 3 months ago

A Superb Switch Accessory ... Nitro Deck For Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED ... …