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Blast Arena Is A Brand New Arena Shoot 'Em Up For Your Sega Master System

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Better yet, it's free!The Sega Master System may have debuted in North America back in 1986, but games are still being released for the console all these years later, thanks to its amazing community of homebrew developers.Case in point — earlier this wee …

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration Adds 12 New Games With Free Update

Time Extension about 4 days ago

Includes homebrews, prototypes, and more!Later today, at 2 pm GMT, the publisher Atari and developer Digital Eclipse are adding 12 new titles to their interactive documentary Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration in a brand new free update to celebrate the …

Homebrew S100 - I/O Board

VCFed about 8 days ago

Since my S-100 will only have boards, besides the CPU Board ( I noticed something that may be an issue. The I/O Board uses a couple 74LS138s for port decoding, and the port decode …

Dreamcast Graveyard: Websites We Miss from the Post-Sega Era

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 8 days ago

While logging into Phantasy Star Online the other night, with my GD-ROM screeching away under the immense pressure of having to load a lobby with three other players, it struck me that my character is now 18 years old. That’s a bloody long lifespan …

The Melting Apartment Is A Free, Junji Ito-Inspired Horror Game For Game Boy

Time Extension about 11 days ago

Help solve the strange case of a missing woman!When you think of horror games, the Game Boy might not be the first platform that immediately springs to mind, but nonetheless, the recent homebrew The Melting Apartment from Flower Studio is a short yet effec …

BioFury Is A New Doom-Inspired FPS For 3DO, Now Available For Pre-Order

Time Extension about 17 days ago

The game was developed by Retro Love Letter.The homebrew developer Retro Love Letter and publisher World Of Games have now opened up pre-orders for a new Wolfenstein 3D and Doom-inspired first-person shooter for the 3DO, called BioFury (thanks TwistC for t …

General • "Music games" for the C64 and other 8 bit systems: why aren't there any?

Lemon64 about 21 days ago

I enjoyed "music games" a lot on the Playstation: Bust a Move Dance (Japanese version of Bust a Groove), Beatmania, the demo of Parappa the Rapper...I wonder if this kind of games could be programmed for the C64 and other 8 bit machines. For example, in B …

The NES Homebrew 'The Meating' Is Heading To The Game Boy Advance

Time Extension about 22 days ago

Now available from the game's Kickstarter.The retro publisher Mega Cat Studios has just added a brand new Game Boy Advance tier to its ongoing Kickstarter for the NES puzzle platformer The Meating. So if you're looking to expand your physical library of GB …

Tiny Magic Is A Charming New Puzzle Adventure Game Coming To The MSX2

Time Extension about 22 days ago

And you can preorder it now!There have been a lot of great MSX homebrews being developed lately and Tiny Magic appears to be no exception.The puzzle adventure platformer was recently made available to preorder on Coté Gamers' website and came to our atten …

Feature: Zanac, Aleste And Gunhed Devs Join Forces For NES Shmup 'Chouyoku Senki Estique'

Time Extension about 23 days ago

Fast and impressive flicker-free blasting.It's an exciting period to be an enthusiast of old hardware, as the homebrew community makes use of modern technology plus decades of experience to create a wealth of new releases. Recent examples have included Spa …

ROM Hacking Website No Longer Accepting New Homebrew Games

Time Extension about 25 days ago

Update: Homebrew Section won't be removed after all.Update : In a statement on a recent site announcement about temporarily disabling downloads due to being targeted by scraping services, a staff reviewer at has denied that the homebrew sect …

Zilog Z80 homebrew computer rs232 problem

VCFed about 29 days ago

Hello, i have currently almost built my project, which is a Z80 computer made from scratch on a breadboard with motorola 6850 ACIA with which i have a problem. It is connected to 1.8432 mhz crystal oscillator like the cpu, and i can send data with it from …

Footage Of Marvel Super Heroes Running On Sega Genesis Raises Eyebrows

Time Extension about 29 days ago

"Doing incredible Mega Drive things".Seasoned homebrew developer @GabrielPyron has caused quite a stir by showing off footage of Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes running on stock Sega Genesis / Mega Drive hardware.The video, which can be seen below, shows the …

C64 Sequel 'Briley Witch Chronicles 2' Gets Trailer & Tentative Release Date

Time Extension about 30 days ago

Potentially arriving November 23rd.Sarah Jane Avory, the developer of Commodore 64 homebrews like Zeta Wing, Zeta Wing II, and Briley Witch Chronicles, appears to be gearing up to release her latest project.As spotted by IndieRetroNews, the talented C64 de …

Homebrew S100 - CPU Board

VCFed about 1 month ago

Well, after many months of digging through documents, schematics, and websites, I have finally gotten my CPU card designed, and built. Part of it is based on the STD bus Z-80 board I use in my development system and the rest is based on designs from Ithaca …

Chit Chat • Unpreserved games: Have you played any?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

In my case as a CPC/MS-DOS/PS1/PS2 guy, I have the good or bad luck of having played one MIA game (Missing in Action, games that were never preserved).But it was probably a homebrew game that was basically very close to many other games but with a few var …

Mortal Kombat (Atari Jaguar)(Homebrew)

Neo Geo Forums about 1 month ago

Another beautiful fan-made project ... Kombat Is Getting A Fanmade Jaguar Port Over 30 Years Later The port is the work of YouTuber Tru Fun Games …

A Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Prototype is Running on the Dreamcast!

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 1 month ago

Just three weeks ago, a video went up on YouTube from a creator called Frogbull showing off their very own prototype of Metal Gear Solid running on the Sega Saturn. Seemingly looking to prove wrong the naysayers claimed MGS could never have run o …

ROM Hacking Website No Longer Accepting Homebrew Games "Of Any Kind"

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Homebrew section will likely be removed with next major site update.If you've read Time Extension for a while, you will no doubt have heard about the website (often abbreviated to RHDN).This is a site where creators can upload various kinds …

Cool vintage electronics projects to do in 2023

VCFed about 1 month ago

Just looking for ideas for neat projects to tackle. Mostly for my own amusement but occasionally to be videoed. Right now I'm working obviously on my Sol terminal prototype as well as a SWTPC PPG joystick. But I'd like to tackle some smaller, less insan …

Plugging in power to other side..

VCFed about 1 month ago

Silly question.. I have a homebrew MMD-1 I'm taking an interest in again. It has its own PSU but the PSU isn't cranking out enough volts. I want to bypass it for now and work on the board. My question is this - the three voltage leads from the psu are s …

Capcom RVA-001 - Can this Run Triforce games via Homebrew like the retail Wii RVL-001?

Arcade Projects about 1 month ago

The hardware seems to match the retail Wii very closely, and even uses the same power brick. I know people have been able to get the triforce games running on Wii via the homebrew channel. Has anyone investigated this system at all? I can barely find any …

Cold Case Is A Sega Saturn Homebrew Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

Time Extension about 1 month ago

"It's not perfect, but it works".Submissions for the 29th Annual Sega Saturn Showcase are now open, and one of the most promising games submitted so far is Cold Case, a horror title developed by JBeretta."I've been working on this since the beginning of th …

'Dracula: Dark Reign' Is A Castlevania-Style Adventure Authorized By The Stoker Family

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Coming 2024 to your Game Boy Color.The Game Boy Color has received a ton of excellent homebrew games over the years, and Dracula: Dark Reign looks to be another to add to that growing pile.Developed by Spacebot Interactive and published by incube8 Games (t …

'Xelden Ring' Is A Groundbreaking 3D Action RPG For The MSX

Time Extension about 2 months ago

Middlebridge needs you!The MSX standard of home computers has had something of a resurgence of late, thanks to the announcement that new hardware is on the way.This should lead to an influx of fresh software, but on a very limited level, that's been the ca …