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Other Mainframe Topics, Off-Topics, FAQs. • Where is Administrator ??

zMainframes about 2 days ago

Can I contact Administration? It is important. Regards.Statistics: Posted by Serzqpg — Tue May 21, 2024 6:01 pm — Replies 1 — Views 5 …

The Dreamcast Directory: Websites We Love in 2024

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 8 days ago

Late last year, in a gratuitous act of procrastination, I authored a piece for the Junkyard that surveyed the hefty range of Dreamcast websites that had sprung up in the console’s “post-Sega” era but which had sadly since bit the dust. In reality tha …

Wipe admin password in XP but only via floppy?

VCFed about 4 months ago

I am trying to run up a small embedded PC (National Instruments PentiumIII/512Mb) running XP. It was sold as "password wiped" but it is sadly not! Admin/administrator have had their passwords set. This tiny pc only has a floppy drive (and USB, …

Dreamcast Graveyard: Websites We Miss from the Post-Sega Era

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 6 months ago

While logging into Phantasy Star Online the other night, with my GD-ROM screeching away under the immense pressure of having to load a lobby with three other players, it struck me that my character is now 18 years old. That’s a bloody long lifespan …

32-bit acorn software: RISC iX • How to run RISC iX for yourself!

Stardot about 6 months ago

To commemorate the opening of the RISC iX forum, it feels like a good topic to start with (and perhaps to make sticky?) would be a mention of the cloned RISC iX hard disc image, which allows for people to run RISC iX on other machines and emulators! (Thou …

Jobs for Experienced Professionals. • HIRING - 100% Remote CA Datacom Administrator (USA)

zMainframes about 6 months ago

I'm currently hiring for a fully remote CA Datacom Admin opening, can work C2c, W2, or 1099. Expecting to pay between $80-$90 / hour USD, feel free to contact me @ or apply below.https://www.thelasall... ... or …

Upload to asimov didn't go through!

Apple Fritter about 7 months ago

Hi!  I recently tried to e-mail the administrator at my Smir 3, 1 text adventure and followed the instructions given and got a reply that the e-mail didn't go through after seveeral attempts.  :(  It must've worked before, as my MadLibApple p …

stardot FORUM • Daily overload

Stardot about 10 months ago

Pretty much every day, at 2045 US Eastern (so 0145 UK time) the site becomes unresponsive. It just doesn't respond to web requests.This doesn't seem to change with daylight savings (although I don't recall if the 1 or 2 weeks where the US is different to …

Other Mainframe Topics, Off-Topics, FAQs. • 15 fapte socante despre comportamentul pisicilor ⁠ ⁠

zMainframes about 11 months ago

10 idei de afaceri cu investitii reduse care vor fi lansate in 2022Potrivit Registrului Unificat al IMM-urilor, microintreprinderile din Rusia reprezinta o pondere mare in randul intreprinderilor mici si mijlocii. Pana la jumatatea anului 2021, numarul lo …

Windows • Running David Douillet Judo on Windows 10

Vogons about 11 months ago

I am currently trying to run David Douillet Judo (or its demo) on Windows 10. The game originally supported 98 through XP.What happens is that the game shows the splashscrens, after that the screen stays black, the GPU is used slightly, and rougly one CPU …

"Your Login has been disabled. Please contact your administrator

Mac OS9 Lives about 11 months ago

Hi, running 2 G4s on OS  9.2.2 ( both running fine) and want to link them together. Started up with ethernet cable joining them, made sure file sharing was on in both but no image appeared of the either computer. Tried "Multiple users"  …