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Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - Beta Preview 2

Amigans about 23 hours ago

I would like to share this 7 minute follow up video on the progress in the port/recode project of Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood point and click game to Amiga Platform using powerful Apollo V4 68080 and SAGA Chipset features.Robin Hood@willemdrijver …

Zeebo Emulator Makes "Lost" Double Dragon And Crash Bandicoot Games Playable Again

Time Extension about 2 days ago

South American console went offline in 2011.There are plenty of forgotten gaming platforms out there, but the South American Zeebo console has to rank as one of the most obscure.Released in Brazil and Mexico in 2009, the system had 3G connectivity and was …

AYANEO's Pocket Micro Takes Inspiration From The Game Boy Micro

Time Extension about 5 days ago

Micro magic.AYANEO has revealed the Pocket DMG today, but that's not the only handheld it has been showing off – it has also lifted the lid on the Pocket Micro, which clearly takes inspiration from the Game Boy Micro.It has a 3.5-inch screen which is "pe …

Looking for jumper settings for a Magitronic A-B 247 IDE controller I/O card with a winbond chipset

VCFed about 2 months ago

I bought a MAgitronic A-B247 Ide card at a good price to try and get my gateway 2000 486 up and running. I cant seem to find the jumper settings for this card when I search for Magitronic or Winbond, was wondering if someone could help me out. The aucti …

486 Troubleshooting assistance... data lines all high etc

VCFed about 3 months ago

Hello. I have a Gigabyte GA486-US motherboard, which looks exactly like this: ... GA-486US Gi... GA-486US is a motherboard based on the UMC UM82C480 (386/486 PC Chip Set) chipset. Get specs, BIOS …

Comm Port Troubles GA-5486AL

VCFed about 3 months ago

Hi, I got this board: ... GA-5486AL G... GA-5486AL is a motherboard based on the ALi M1489/87 (FinALi-486 PCI Chipset) chipset. Get specs, BIOS, documentation and more! ... …

Help identifying strange 286 motherboard

VCFed about 4 months ago

Hi, I'm hoping someone can tell me more about this weird motherboard that I'm guessing was some kind of prototype. It has a 286 CPU but wants an XT keyboard. POST says "Copr. 1984,1985 SAMSUNG Personal Computer", and the ROM stickers are hand …

Weird 386sx Problem - VGA interference + divide by zero errors

VCFed about 4 months ago

This is a Packard Bell 386sx 25MHz motherboard with integrated Oak VGA chipset. It has no battery damage. Symptoms: VGA noise/distortions that change with computer activity (ISA bus activity or floppy activity) Smart Drive and Setver freeze PC and give d …

Extra colors for hires graphics wanted ?

Apple Fritter about 4 months ago

As we all know, the Apple II can produce four colors in the HIRES mode, plus black and white (which are not "colors", but "shades". But what can I complain. Some computer folks are so uneducated that they pervert the meaning of words all the time. Such as …

$300 AYANEO Next Lite Is The First Steam Deck Rival To Run SteamOS

Time Extension about 4 months ago

Update: Specs and pricing are revealed.Update : AYANEO has revealed the chipsets and pricing for its upcoming Next Lite handheld, which is the first non-Valve device to run SteamOS.The unit's entry-level option comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U chipset,16GB …

32-bit acorn software: RISC iX • MEMC and RISC iX

Stardot about 5 months ago

Previously, there was some discussion of the MEMC's virtual memory management architecture, mixed into a thread about Motorola where it was only tangentially relevant. I was thinking about this again recently, considering the remarks made by reviewers abo …

Voodoo 5 5500 AGP Graphics Card + Extras $350 starting

VCFed about 5 months ago

Hello all - thank you so much for the opportunity to post here. This card is in excellent shape, with only light use. I have tested it on a Win98 testbed, and it runs Quake 2 beautifully. This card would be perfect for your retro gaming rig. In fact, if th …

Looking for EMS Driver for VLSI VL82C311L (SCAMP DT-286) chipset

VCFed about 5 months ago

I have a pretty fast 286 board I've been working on with a really late 286 chipset. There a driver online (VLEMM.SYS) for the VL82C311 chip (not VL82C311L), which is the 386SX version of this chip. When I run that driver it says EMS is disabled, regardless …

Say Hello To The Retroid Pocket 4 And 4 Pro

Time Extension about 5 months ago

Starting at $149.Handheld manufacturer GoRetroid has just revealed the Retroid Pocket 4 And 4 Pro, as spotted by Retro Dodo.The two systems boast the same basic design, with the key difference being processing power. The Retroid Pocket 4 uses the MediaTek …

Gigabyte GA-5486AL / FinALi 486 PCI Chipset (ALi M1489/87) drivers?

VCFed about 6 months ago

I wonder if there were there any drivers or tools for the FinALi 486 chipset available for Windows 95 or DOS? Like for its integrated IDE controller to unlock higher PIO/MWDMA modes or change DMI table settings? …

Which Debug Card to use to repair a Socket 7 Motherboard?

VCFed about 7 months ago

Friends, I am trying to repair my Socket 7 Motherboard - Zida Tomato T530B-S ... T530B-S Zida T530B-S is a motherboard based on the SiS 530/5595 ((Sinbad) Host, PCI, 3D Graphics & Mem. Ctrl.) chipset. …

Nuon's Rarest Game, Crayon Shin-Chan 3, Has Finally Been Preserved Online

Time Extension about 7 months ago

We can all sleep a bit better now.The Nuon is one of the most obscure gaming systems of all time – partly due to the fact that it's not really a gaming system at all, but a DVD player that also plays video games.Based on a chipset created by VM Labs, Nuo …

PDP11/03 restoration

VCFed about 7 months ago

Got my hands on a bunch of vintage hardware, including a rack with an 11/03 and two RL01 drives. It was in a sorry, dirty state, see picture. I wonder if people have seen this kind of configuration before. This seems to be an intriguing version. The CPU …

Keyboard BIOS AMIBIOS chip help

VCFed about 7 months ago

Hi I received this 386dx-40 board. It boots but has no keyboard input. As easily seen in the picture, the keyboard bios chip is bad. It is melted in the middle. That chip label shows AMIBIOS AmericanMegatrends Keyboard c1992 AA0105829 The retroweb ha …

What is the identity of this sound card?

VCFed about 7 months ago

I was curious about the sound of the CS4236 chipset. So I have a sound card that I'm looking to buy from a second hand shop. But it has an AV out port. What does the AV out on this sound card do? If anyone knows, please share the information. Thank …

Games • Reshoot Proxima 3 has been released

LemonAmiga about 8 months ago

Reshoot Proxima 3 has been releasedIt's taken a long time, but now the time has finally come: Reshoot Proxima 3 has been released. More precisely, Reshoot Proxima 3 was released last weekend on the Amiga 38 in Mönchengladbach after over four years of dev …

Is -5V needed on a Pentium board?

VCFed about 8 months ago

Hi - I'm working on a Gateway PC with a Pentium 1st-gen board on it (LX chipset). I would like to try a newer power supply, but new AT ones are difficult to find, and the few I've seen have power cables too short for this tower, so I was thinking of using …

For sale. 7x OWC FireWire drive enclosures.

Mac OS9 Lives about 8 months ago

I am selling 7x clear plastic OWC mercury FireWire drive enclosures. They use the Oxford 911 chipset and take IDE drives, they also work with IDE to SATA adapters. 6 of them are FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 and one is FireWire 400 only. They are in decent ... …

Tassei Denki “Project Nadeshiko” Is A New Nintendo DS Clone Straight Out Of Japan

Retro Dodo about 8 months ago

Tokyo Game Show 2023 is currently underway and many new products are being revealed on the showroom floor, and one particularly interesting one making the rounds on social media is a brand new Nintendo 3DS clone called the “Project Nadeshiko” …

The Keyboard-Packing Aya Neo Slide Is Available To Order Today

Time Extension about 8 months ago

Currently being demoed at TGS 2023.Aya Neo's latest handheld gaming PC, the Aya Neo Slide, will be available to pre-order on IndieGoGo later today, it has been confirmed.Packing an AMD Ryzen 7840U chipset and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Slide joins th …