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acorn & bbc micro user group (abug) events • On now! ABUG dev night on zoom, Thursday at 7pm (GMT)

Stardot about 2 days ago

On Thursday (tonight!) there will be an ABUG Dev night, at 7, on zoom. (Dev Nights run on Thursdays, every three weeks. If you don't have the zoom coordinates, send a PM or ask in this thread. We don't publish them!)- keep it interesting, or otherwise kee …

Classical Cats

CD-ROM Journal about 3 days ago

Sometimes, all you need is to take two things you love and put them together. For visual artist and classical musician Mitsuhiro Amada, that's classical art, classical music, and cats. Amada has made a career out of pairing his particular interests. A c …

32-bit acorn emulators • Arculator 2.1 - Help needed please

Stardot about 4 days ago

I’m trying to install Arculator v2.1, having previously got v0.99 working using the pinned installation instructions.As I couldn't find any instructions for later versions, I decided to follow the v0.99 instructions again and adapt where necessary. For …

8-bit acorn hardware • disk rot questions

Stardot about 4 days ago

hello everyone! this is a bit of a follow up to the post i made on the facebook group.i have a few questions to do with disk rot:how do you prevent disk rot?how do you spot disk rot?how often is disk rot a problem?is there any way to fix disks with disk r …

WonderMidi, A Rare Piece Of Sega Mega Drive Software, Has Just Been Preserved Online

Time Extension about 5 days ago

Thanks to the musician and developer andlabs.Update : The Mega Drive music software WonderMidi has now been dumped online, thanks to a developer and musician named andlabs (cheers SuddenDesu for the spot!)We're unsure of how exactly andlabs managed to get …

acorn atom and acorn system series • Youtube video about the MC6847 timing in Mame

Stardot about 6 days ago

Hi guys, I found a rather interesting video about wrong 6847 timings in Mame.Don't know if or when these changes were implemented but I think it's worth checking the Atom emulator in Mame. …

PETTerm (or wimodem) double key when using shift.

VCFed about 7 days ago

I don't know if this is a petterm issue or an issue with my wimodem (from as so far I haven't been able to find another term program that I can get to work. I have a PET 8032 with a business keyboard. I'm using "petterm80b". whe …

Emulators • Maxi Keyboard as a Controller

Lemon64 about 8 days ago

I am emulating C-64 games on my Odin portable device with some pretty good success. My old school Epyx 500J works pretty well with a DB9-USB adapter (as long as I make sure not to use RetroArch). RetroaArch “wants” to be the default emulator for ever …

programming • Emulator quick question #2

Stardot about 9 days ago

Emulators often allow you to set a breakpoint that triggers when a write occurs at a particular memory location. But are there any emulators out there that allow you to trigger a breakpoint when value in memory actually changes value? In this way, multipl …

Chit Chat • Bizhawk Multi Emulator Setup Guide

Lemon64 about 9 days ago

I have just released a fairly comprehensive tutorial in using Bizhawk Emulator. Everything is here that you need to know from adding games, recording gameplay footage, video configs and more! Posted by justjamie — …

IOU soft switch RESET behavior

Apple Fritter about 11 days ago

Another forum member recently reported an issue he had with DAN][ Controller and the improved menu I made. After a warm-start the menu would occasionally show garbled MouseText instead of a flashing selection bar: IouGarbledMouseText.png …

8-bit acorn hardware • ADFS not appearing in *HELP

Stardot about 12 days ago

Hi All,I'm trying to get ADFS working on a Model B to use in conjunction with a 1MHz Pi adapter to emulate a SCSI Hard Disk. The machine is fitted with a 8271 Disk Controller which works fine with a Gotek, and an IFEL 128k FLASH ROM board which has been w …

Emulating Gorgon on a PC

Apple Fritter about 12 days ago

I'm trying to make gorgon work with my joystickCurrently using applewin1.30.13.0, joystick works fine in windows, game runs fine with sound, but no joystickAny suggestions on better emulators?or how to fix my problem?Forums: Apple II …

PPSSPP Setup Guide For Windows PC

How To Retro about 12 days ago

In this PPSSPP setup guide, I show you how to configure the Windows PC version. PPSSPP is a brilliant emulator for beginners because of its straightforward interface and with there also being no need to use BIOS files to play PSP games, it’s one …

32-bit acorn emulators • ArcEm is now on GitHub

Stardot about 13 days ago

As of about a week ago, ArcEm can now be found on GitHub. This is done following recent discussions on the official mailing list.Since then, there’s been a bunch of updates to support building with recent compilers. There are also some bigger improvemen …

32-bit acorn software: RISC iX • How to run RISC iX for yourself!

Stardot about 14 days ago

To commemorate the opening of the RISC iX forum, it feels like a good topic to start with (and perhaps to make sticky?) would be a mention of the cloned RISC iX hard disc image, which allows for people to run RISC iX on other machines and emulators! (Thou …

Commodore 16, 64, 128, VIC-20, PET • C64 problem with The Space is Broken demo

MISTerFPGA about 14 days ago

I think I found an incompatibility issue with the C64 core in the Space is Broken - great demo by FAIRLIGHT group some scenes, artifacts appear that are not visible on real …

Building a Clone MITS 8800

VCFed about 14 days ago

I'm starting to think about diving down the rabbit hole of building an 8800 clone. It goes back to the first computer I was exposed to back in the 70s, which I'm fairly sure was an 8800. I learned to program in 1979 on the TRS-80 Model 1, and I have severa …

DuckStation Setup Guide

How To Retro about 15 days ago

DuckStation is one of the latest PS1 standalone emulators available and is focussed on not just emulation performance, but also user experience. Whilst the DuckStation UI is excellent and easy to use, you can never have too much help when it comes to emul …

Mini PC recommendations for emulation

Neo Geo Forums about 17 days ago

So I'm looking at getting something to hook up to my main TV and also use on a rotatable monitor. It's mainly going to be used for emulation and light computing (browsing the internet, YT, streaming etc). As far as emulation goes I want it to run later Cav …

Chit Chat • RetroFE Setup Guide 2023

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

RetroFE Frontend Complete setup Guide now up. I cover everything from adding your first system, adding custom artwork, editing/adding locations, adding emulators and much more. Posted by justjamie — Tue Nov 21, 20 …

Need a Sirius/Victor boot floppy written

VCFed about 18 days ago

I came into ownership of a Victor 9000 system and I'm still in the process of cleaning it up. It had what looks to be a copy of Kermit and another random floppy in the drive and I have not yet actually done testing yet to verify if these disks are any good …

New Releases • New Release - Laserscape by Vector5 Games

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

https://vector5games.itch.... gameThe object of the game is to color all the colorable floor tilesto the same color as the door. You must do this by avoiding moving lasers.Features- 20 levels- groovy music- password systemCompatibility The ga …

New Releases • New Release - Star Wars 2024 C64 Calendar by Back2the8bit

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

https://back2the8bit.itch.... ... 4-calendar you are here, the Force has guided you!Have a great 2024 as Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, it doesn't matter, the most important thing is to wave your hands in front …

RGCD/Psytronik • Free Release - Rocky and Co Xmas C64 Demo by Psytronik Software

Lemon64 about 18 days ago & Co Xmas C64 Demo (FREE)Here's some festive fun for your C64 courtesy of ICON64. It's a festive-themed playable demo of ROCKY & CO! Take control of Rocky, Jet & Spud and use their unique strengths to …