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The Dreamcast Directory: Websites We Love in 2024

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 8 days ago

Late last year, in a gratuitous act of procrastination, I authored a piece for the Junkyard that surveyed the hefty range of Dreamcast websites that had sprung up in the console’s “post-Sega” era but which had sadly since bit the dust. In reality tha …

PC 486SX (ao486) • QNX 4.25 (Unix-like OS) on ao486

MISTerFPGA about 12 days ago

Hello community,Preliminary notes:QNX is a Unix-like microkernel real-time OS, primarily targeted for embedded devices and which some of you might remember for its amazing 1.44 MB floppy demo from mid '90s sporting a fully bootable OS, GUI, mouse support, …

Hardware hacks and extensions • YM2610

Defence Force about 3 months ago

Hi,earlier today I was discussing on IRC about the Arkos Tracker, the various ports, supported features on the various platforms, then someone mentioned they had ported it to play music on the NeoGeo game console, which apparently has a Yamaha YM2610 soun …

Third Party TCP for Xenix 286

VCFed about 4 months ago

It was talked about in the #vc IRC channel that while I was being stupid and installing Xenix 286 I should also add a network card. Xenix 286 does not ship with a TCP stack. That would be available for the 386 releases and later the SCO builds. From what …

Chit Chat • C64NET ZiModem ECHOs with all echo off

Lemon64 about 7 months ago

Where to begin. Have an IBM PS/2 (ProCOMM), a Lenovo laptop. (PuTTY) and an IBM 3151 terminal and the same results happen when ZiModem is connected to any of the systems.ATE0 to turn ECHO off works only when giving AT commands. If I go into AT+IRC the …

Apple Disk II drives non functional. Q’s about belt replacement.

Apple Fritter about 9 months ago

I recently posted to the IRC and was told that this would be better for the fourm. I have two Disk II drives that power on but can't read. I'd like to restore full function in them. I've heard that there's issues with the belt melting in these old drives …