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Apple II Plus logic board troubleshooting

VCFed about 7 days ago

I'm troubleshooting a II Plus board from an ill-treated and poorly stored machine. I get question marks on the screen and a few clicks from the speaker instead of a beep. So far the following has been done: 1. Power supply tested good, all voltage rails …

Help & Support • 1541 drive—need help diagnosing failed component

Lemon64 about 13 days ago

Hi all,I have a power issue on my drive and haven’t found a definitive solution online so decided to post the details here. I’m troubleshooting a 12v issue. At power up, drive lights come on as expected with the green led staying lit and the red led c …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • Another C128 black screen

Lemon64 about 13 days ago

Hello everyone,I purchased a C128 without a PSU. The C128 was advertised as functional with supporting images. Instead of buying a PSU, I opted to create one using the Ismet C64 PSU, retaining the transformer in a way that I connected the 9V AC line to t …

Macintosh IIsi Power Issues (Already recapped)

VCFed about 15 days ago

Hello, I have a Macintosh IIsi, which up until recently was working completely fine. It does not power on, and I don’t hear any signs of life coming from the power supply. The computer has already undergone maintenance on the motherboard as far as a ful …

Apple ][ Plus Troubleshooting or Documentation

Apple Fritter about 21 days ago

Hello Everyone, I have received an Apple ][ Plus. When I turn it on, it only shows "APPLE ][" on the screen. No blinking cursor. Is this a problem? Typing doesn't appear to do anything. I don't have any software disks to try and boot using. Also, if ther …

32-bit acorn hardware • RiscPC network card detected as simple card

Stardot about 24 days ago

I have a RiscPC here with network card issues. Main symptom: network cards appear as simple card type &E in *podules output and thus, obviously, don't work. This has been verified with two known working NICs. Has anyone seen this or anything like i …

Help: CM-1 Monitor for TRS-80 Model 1 no longer displaying Model 1 Output Correctly!

VCFed about 27 days ago

Important troubleshooting Information: 1) It is not smoking or popping the fuse, 2) Upon turning off, a very bright small dot appears in the center of the screen for 1 second. And most important for why I believe it is an issue with the monitor: 3) If I tu …

H7484 interlock tips for testing and troubleshooting.

VCFed about 28 days ago

Evening all! Over the winter I'm planning on repairing this H7484 power supply and chassis for a Vax 4000-100 system. I've sold the CPU and memory, but would like to use it for a seriously sized pdp11/84. Given that all slots are CD bus it should be able …

TRS-80 Model 100 troubleshooting

VCFed about 1 month ago

Greetings Everyone! Recently picked up a rather scuffed tandy 100 and going through the process of getting it working again. Pretty sure someone use the incorrect DC adapter on this as all the power rails were shot. The varistor by the DC jack input blew …

JVC D-Series AV-36D304 weird pattern on screen

Arcade Projects about 1 month ago

I have a 36" JVC D-Series, model AV-36D304. It has a weird pattern on screen, regardless of inputs. Any ideas what might cause this? I haven't attempted any repairs or troubleshooting since it's a little unwieldy and I don't even know what to call the …

PET 8032-32B How many chips should be missing on the m/b?

VCFed about 1 month ago

Finally got my hands on a PET 8032-32B from a friend. He got it from someone else many years ago and from what I've been told it was last working but alas it's dead as a doornail now so am trying to revive it. Before I go down the rabbit hole of troublesh …

Newcomers Forum • No right channel audio through HDMI or Analogue I/O

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

Greetings! It's my first time posting here, but I am a long -time MiSTer user and have found this community helpful many times. I'm just not much of an online-forums-posting guy. Today though, there is an audio issue that I am having difficulty troublesho …

Apple II Power Supply rapid clicking

Apple Fritter about 2 months ago

Hi All,I'm stumped with this power supply.  Hopefully someone can help me out. SymptomsWhen I power it on underload, it makes a 6khz buzzing sound.  It sounds similar to the noise made when you plug in a working power supply without a load, but the clic …

Jobs for Experienced Professionals. • Technical Specialist with 4+ years’ relevant experience in COBOL, JCL, DB2 at HCL

zMainframes about 2 months ago

Hi,We are looking for Mainframes developer and prod support role , Technical Specialist with 4+ years’ relevant experience in COBOL, JCL, DB2And ask good in troubleshooting and analytical knowledge,Mainframes :Location – HYDERABAD, Chennia and Bangalo …

Kaypro Keyboard trouble

VCFed about 2 months ago

Hi all: I could use some advice and wisdom please. I am troubleshooting a Kaypro 2 keyboard behavior. This is a machine I recently acquired. It boots fine, but when the keyboard is attached it beeps continuously and puts a ‘/‘ the screen continuously. …

programming • Slight 6502 second processor weirdness

Stardot about 2 months ago

I found a slight weirdness which manifests when running code on a 6502 second processor, and thought I ought to mention it in case it causes anyone else grief .....I was trying to make a "Hi" version of BCP to run on a 6502 Second Processor (This itself …

Software & Hardware • Amiga 1200 problem

LemonAmiga about 2 months ago

Hello I recaped an amiga 1200 with 1D1 m/d and when it started (amiga screen) suddenly blacks, i replace dac and did the some, I desolder cia and suddenly amiga works. I replace cia and further testing revealed that even a new CIA won't solve the problem. …

Help & Support • Commodore Kernal and 1541 Eprom Questions

Lemon64 about 2 months ago

I am trying to help a fellow Commodore user get their SX64 up and running. After some troubleshooting I replaced his kernal and 1541 roms with mine and his SX64 works! Questions:1. We have an XEGU T48 at work so I was going to try to burn the kernal and 1 …

8-bit acorn hardware • Gotek woes

Stardot about 3 months ago

I've just taken delivery of a lovely new Gotek from RetroClinic (usual great service) but I'm running into problems. I have my Master set up to default to DFS. I select a disk image on the Gotek. Performing a *CAT lights up the LED on the Gotek, but its d …

Canon Object.station

VCFed about 3 months ago

Recently came into a longtime want - a Canon object.station 41, with the keyboard. The SCSI card and drives are in the machine, thought the SCSI cable is missing. On power-up, the caps/num/scroll lights flash briefly, and there is power to the disk drive …

General • U1 and U2 6526 Chips showing up BAD in 586220 Diag Test

Lemon64 about 3 months ago

Just got a C64 Rev:A 326290 and during the 586220 Diag Cart Test with all the Diagnostic Harnesses installed, I was getting U1 and U2 6526 Chips BAD, Serial and User Port BAD. So I purchased 2 new chips I was told were "Tested Working" Installed them and …

acorn atom and acorn system series • New (to me) Atom

Stardot about 3 months ago

I have acquired an Atom - a rescue from ebay. I spent the last few days cleaning it and i now need to think about getting it fired up. The keyboard is clean, IPA on the motherboard has certainly made it a bit more sparkly and also I did brighten the cas …

Help & Support • Nice scanned copy of Commodore 1541 Troubleshooting and Repair Guide

Lemon64 about 3 months ago

This scanned copy has images that you can actually see clearly, unlike the others I've seen on the internet. Here's the link:https://usermanual.wik... ... 79469/viewHere's an example of the clarity of the image scans (not great in the GIF fo …

CPS3 - Missing blue color repair log

Arcade Projects about 3 months ago

Hi guys, I had a CPS3 board with the blue color missing. Basically everything looked either red, green or yellow. Color bar test screen confirms blue color is completely absent. Began troubleshooting the issue by measuring with an oscilloscope the blue c …

Review and Assembly Success of UncleBernie's Gen2 Improved ACI Board

Apple Fritter about 3 months ago

While taking a short break from troubleshooting my NewtonByte Prototype board, I've successfully completed the assembly of UncleBernie’s new Gen2 improved ACI board following the provided instructions. I didn't opt for the wave soldering look, keeping it …