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Pedretti Gaming reveals FunHouse remakes

Pinball Magazine about 9 days ago

Pedretti Pinball, manufacturer of 2.0 upgrade kits for Funhouse and Whirlwind, toppers and other pinball accesories, just revealed its first full remake game: Funhouse. The press release of the game reads as follows: Bagnatica, Italy, 5/14/2024 – …

Stern Pinball reveals John Wick pinball machines

Pinball Magazine about 16 days ago

George Gomez and Tim Sexton present John Wick pinball Back of the flyer for John Wick Limited Edition Stern Pinball just revealed its newest cornerstone pinball machine: John Wick. Images of the game have yet to be shared, but the pre …

Trenton Computer Festival (Ewing Township, NJ)

VCFed about 3 months ago

48th Annual Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) at TCNJ Saturday, 16 March 2024, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm FOR MORE INFO: <> ... Theme is Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Keynote Speaker is Brown U. Prof. Michael Littman, s …

Please help me to play high-quality audio on XT/286 machine

VCFed about 3 months ago

Hello Forum! I'm looking for a vintage PC hobbyist interested in running a DOS program that plays high-quality audio through a PC speaker. Context: I'm a vintage software hobbyist writing graphics/sound/other software using 20-30-year-old programming lan …

Leading Edge Fortiva 5000-with MB Daewoo cpc2800

VCFed about 3 months ago

hello, newguy to your forum here, and i'm looking for a service manual cira. 1994 for a Leading Edge Fortiva 5000-with Daewoo cpc2800 motherboard. i'm looking for a service manual if possible. short of that does anyone know what the specs for the PC s …

Mac Classic - Corner Adjustment

VCFed about 3 months ago

Hey all! I had recapped my classic’s logic board a few years ago and decided to do the analog board. 2 caps had begun leaking (they were around the speaker can’t remember which) but they were not horrible. Booted it up and noticed that the left top …

Volume Control

VCFed about 4 months ago

Very simple question that I simply haven't found a solution that satisfies me yet. I'd like to put a volume control knob on the outside of my Leading Edge Model D to control the loudness or mute the pc speaker. Just something small and simple to stick on t …

VCF East 2024 - Update livestream update1/13/2024

VCFed about 4 months ago

Streaming live: VCF East updates on Saturday, January 13 at 6:30PM EST VCF East 2024 planning is into high gear! We will still be at InfoAge (Wall, NJ). Dates are April 12, 13, 14. Some important links: Exhibit Registration Vendor Registration Speaker …

8-bit acorn hardware • Won't boot cassette motor light on

Stardot about 5 months ago

I have a BBC model B issue 7 and when I power it on I get a continuous tone from the speaker and the cassette motor light is on. Nothing is displayed on the screen . I've tried removing and re-seating all the socketyed chips so I'm thinking something ha …

32-bit acorn hardware • A5000 boot issue

Stardot about 5 months ago

So I turned my A5000 on for the first time since before Xmas, and it isnt booting properly anymore. Not sure what the issue is, or how to repair.When you power on, there is a strange squawk from the speaker (attempted beep but strange attempt), then you …

Other Console Cores • Odyssey 2: No audio via TOSLINK

MISTerFPGA about 5 months ago

I connect MiSTer to an external speaker via an optical audio cable on the analog IO board. This works perfect for all cores but Odyssey2, which is silent. Sound works fine with the same core if I change to either an analog cable or HDMI.I suspect that it …

Trying to get Space Quest III Pirates of Pestulon working on my Compaq Portable 1

VCFed about 5 months ago

Hi There ! For some reason, I cannot get SQ3 working on my Compaq portable. I have MS-DOS 6.22 loaded, no TSR. I have 640kb of memory using a SixPack Plus card When launching the game, I get a blinking cursor and that's it. No error, no sound. Unable to C …

IBM PC, PCXT, Tandy 1000 • Tandy sound on Space Quest and odd CGA colors

MISTerFPGA about 6 months ago

Hi, I'm having a heck of a time getting Space Quest to run in Tandy mode on the pcxt core.In the pcxt mode with pcxt31.rom, I can load up my ao486 vhd to access the game directory. The colors are not correct in CGA (they show up as orange, green, etc.) My …

IBM 5150 motherboard repair

VCFed about 6 months ago

Hi all I was getting one of my spare 5150's ready to move onto a new home when it failed It was in the middle of booting, when it died to a black screen. Next power up, it sat on the blinking cursor for 5-10 minutes before I got bored and killed the power. …

Development files for Yoshi’s Island contain an extremely early version of the world map dated July…

Supper Mario Broth about 6 months ago

Development files for Yoshi’s Island contain an extremely early version of the world map dated July 15, 1992, 3 years before the game’s release. Another file dated July 13, 1992, contains a list of world map location names. As the files were ma …

Apple II Plus logic board troubleshooting

VCFed about 6 months ago

I'm troubleshooting a II Plus board from an ill-treated and poorly stored machine. I get question marks on the screen and a few clicks from the speaker instead of a beep. So far the following has been done: 1. Power supply tested good, all voltage rails …

32-bit acorn hardware • First look at an A3020

Stardot about 6 months ago

My mate Tony dropped off this A3020 that he'd been given and never plugged in - my mission is to get it going!I plugged it in to the mains, no monitor because I can't find a VGA cable I know, amateur hour. There's no beep from the speaker, but power & …

apple IIGS power supply question

Apple Fritter about 6 months ago

I have a IIGS that does not startup. I am trying many things but have read that a bad power supply can be fatal to proper startup. I did some checking and get the above referenced voltage reading. First, does it matter that the voltage is almost double …

8-bit acorn hardware • Keyboard fault on Model B

Stardot about 6 months ago

I've got a Model B with a strange keyboard fault. The following keys don't work:Escape S G H L ; ] Shift lock C N DeleteAll the others work fine.I was wondering if it was just dirty keyswitches on the dead keys (a few other keys were initially …

My Zenith Z-Star EX

VCFed about 6 months ago

My Zenith Z-Star EX Sound card It has is on the Parallel port from Serda shop, not the best option as not all games or Windows 3.x, but since the system has no built in option other then PC speaker, its a good option, good sound. It has a 512Mb SD card …

8-bit acorn hardware • I have a few ANF03 Acorn Data Recorders that seem to work perfectly but have no audio out, neither from inline socket no

Stardot about 6 months ago

I have a few ANF03 Acorn Data Recorders that seem to work perfectly but have no audio out, neither from inline socket nor the speaker?Anyone know if a typical problem with audio on these?Circuits looks fine with no obvious breaks, spray of switch cleaner …

SOL-20 3.5mm pcb mount audio jack.

VCFed about 6 months ago

About 4 years ago I noticed that the pcb mounted 3.5mm audio jack sockets used for the tape connections on the SOL-20 mobo, were a fairly unique and rare part. They happened to be the same ones used in the Votrax TNT for the speaker. They have a very speci …

General Discussions • Analog Audio gets louder and quieter

MISTerFPGA about 6 months ago

I am using the Mister with an an analog I/O board.A normal PC speaker with its own power supply is connected to this via a jack.I now have the problem that the sound output always fluctuates slightly, regardless of Core.It is constantly getting louder and …

General Discussion • FOSDEM 2024 (Feb 3&4, Brussels, EU) - Retrocomputing Devroom - Call for papers

Defence Force about 6 months ago

* Retrocomputing Devroom - WHATFOSDEM offers open source and free software developers a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Renowned for being highly developer-oriented, the event brings together some 8000+ geeks from all over the world.The twenty …

32-bit acorn hardware • Reducing sound volume on 32 bit machines

Stardot about 7 months ago

I was asked if there's any way to make an A5000 generally a bit quieter (this is for museum use, where it needs to make sounds, but not drown out all the other machines in the room!). I was surprised to find there isn't a potentiometer on the motherboard, …