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Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - Beta Preview 2

Amigans about 23 hours ago

I would like to share this 7 minute follow up video on the progress in the port/recode project of Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood point and click game to Amiga Platform using powerful Apollo V4 68080 and SAGA Chipset features.Robin Hood@willemdrijver …

Interview of George Sokianos

Amigans about 3 days ago

We've put online an interview published in the seventh issue of our magazine dedicated to the Amiga, BOING: George Sokianos talks (in English) about WebKit rendering engine port to AmigaOS 4.You can also read all our English/Spanish interviews published in …

UBoot 2015.c for Sam460EX / Sam460CR / Sam460LE boards available

Amigans about 5 days ago

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 18 May 2024ACube Systems is pleased to announce a new release of the U-Boot firmware for its Sam460 line of motherboards. …

The Misadventures of Flink - A CD32 Exclusive Review | Amigos: Everything Amiga 453

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 7 days ago

? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 8:11 Flink Review 53:41 for all your Commodore computer needs! 54:26 Amiga News Get your tickets for Boatfest, the Amigos …

So, What Is the Appeal of Retro Video Games?

Retromash about 7 days ago

Video games are a massive multi-billion dollar industry these days. But it wasn’t always this way. Some might say it has become all about the money. Given the past few years of terrible AAA games we have had to endure, this might be true, as publishers s …

PaCommEx • Presentations and guests at PaCommEx 2024 about 10 days ago

The list is growing! Here are the ones planned so far --The AmigaOne A1222+Dan Sanderson and the Mega65Trevor Dickinson and his Commodore/Amiga CollectionColor Printing on the CommodoresSlow Scan Television and the C64TeensyROM for the C64/128For more de …

Display Devices • "Jumpy" video on a CRT (Philips CM8833-2) with SOME cores only.

MISTerFPGA about 12 days ago

Hi,The SCART output of my MiSTer Multisystem is connected to a Philips CM8833-2 CRT monitor (15KHz, similar to Commodore 1084S) using a SCART to RGB DB9 adapter.It works perfectly with most cores, but for several of them the picture "jumps" vertically by …

I just turrican't. Turrican III | Amigos: Everything Amiga 452

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 13 days ago

Does the series finale end with a bang or a whimper? ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 4:18 Turrican 3 Review 40:30 for all your Commodore computer needs! …

Amiga Future issue 168 released

Amigans about 18 days ago

The English and German issue 168 (May/June 2024) of our print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from our editorial office at Amiga Future, and from other Amiga dealers that stock it.We did it again. :) The A …

They missed the Domark: Rampart Reviewed | Amigos: Everything Amiga 451

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 19 days ago

Whadda you get when you cross Warlords with Tetris?!? You get Atari's Rampart! Can the multiplayer arcade classic make the journey to the shores of the Amiga, or is this ship sunk!? ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... …

New articles on Obligement

Amigans about 23 days ago

The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months: …

CleanDrawer script released on OS4Depot. (In kt_scripts archive)

Amigans about 23 days ago

CleanDrawer now available on OS4Depot in the kt_scripts archive.Ever get tired of using the workbench windows menues, "Clean up by", then "resize to fit", then "Snapshot" just to arrange your drawers and windows?Clean Drawers …

Quake 2 – Digital Version for AmigaOS 3 (68k) Released!

Old School Game Blog about 24 days ago

Hi there, Thanks for visiting the Old School Game Blog. ? I’m currently working on the AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup for April 2024 but did notice some news concerning the Quake 2 port for Amiga. Thought I’d make a quick post sharing …

Quake 2 now also available as digital version for AmigaOS 3 (68k)

Amigans about 24 days ago

Alinea Computer is very pleased to be able to offer the version for AmigaOS 3 (68k) as a digital download in addition to the Quake 2 version for AmigaOS 4. Steffen Häuser is responsible for the porting and has implemented numerous features that have not y …

Anniversary: 30 Years Ago Today, Commodore Died

Time Extension about 24 days ago

The end of a computing legend.On this day 30 years ago, computer giant Commodore announced it was to enter voluntary bankruptcy and liquidation.The news came after years of the Amiga market shrinking and following costly commercial flops such as the CDTV a …

Futuristic Subbuteo! Projectyle - The Complete Review | Amigos: Everything Amiga 450

Amigos: Everything Amiga about 26 days ago

Subbuteo of the future, played on the second moon of Jupiter! ? Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! https://www.patreo... Chapters: 0:00 Ridiculous Banter 7:29 Projectyle Review 51:58 for all your Commodore computer …

Amiga (Minimig) • minimig resets itself when using workbench

MISTerFPGA about 27 days ago

I did the update_all recently. it happens to me a lot that when I am using workbench I try to run some game or program the core restarts by itself for no apparent reason. I have tried to delete the minimig configuration files again but the problem persist …

Dean Evan's Spectacular Waterworld SNES OST Is Being Released On Vinyl

Time Extension about 28 days ago

Albeit unofficially...Ocean Software's video game adaptation of Waterworld for the SNES may not have been the most well-reviewed title of all time, but its soundtrack from Dean Evans almost always comes up in conversations whenever anyone mentions bad game …

The Game Creation Kit 'Scorpion Engine' Adds Neo Geo Support

Time Extension about 1 month ago

The engine also supports Amiga, Amiga CD32, and Mega Drive / Genesis.If you happen to play a lot of new homebrew games, then you've probably come across at least one project over the last year that has been built using the Scorpion Engine.The popular video …

Interview: "We’ve Finally Sighted Land" - Free Stars, The Star Control Successor 30 Years In The Making

Time Extension about 1 month ago

"I liken this journey to the one that Odysseus went through".The story of the sci-fi action-adventure series Star Contol is a long and complicated one.Originally debuting in 1990 as a strategy game for MS-DOS and Commodore Amiga, it was the brainchild of a …