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ffmpeg v6.1 and ffmepgGUI v3.5 now available on OS4Depot

Amigans about 13 hours ago

Mickjt was kind enough to update the AmigaOS4 version of ffmpeg fromthe previous version 4.2.1 to the most current version 6.1. (v6.0.1 foraltivec version).In parallel ffmpegGUI has been updated to support some of the new codecs and filters. Some small G …

Review: Team17 Collection 1 - A Fine Celebration Of The Veteran's Amiga Years

Time Extension about 21 hours ago

Ten cuts of classic Team17.Team17 Collection 1 is notable because it's the first Evercade cartridge to feature actual Amiga games, rather than console ports of famous Amiga games (we're looking at you, Bitmap Brothers Collection 1). As such, it represents …

Flashback: How An American Businessman Tried To Turn Akira Into A Blockbuster Game

Time Extension about 23 hours ago

"They had no idea what was fun or what would be exciting to play".Few anime films are held in as high regard as Akira. Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 adaptation of his 1982 manga of the same name typically tops most recommendation lists when it comes to introducin …

Review: Worms Collection 1 - Low On Content, High On Enjoyment

Time Extension about 3 days ago

How hard is yours?Worms has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world of video gaming, which is no mean feat when you consider that it all started as a personal experiment by computer shop staffer Andy Davidson on his humble Casio graphing ca …

Bushido Warrior

Games That Weren't about 3 days ago

1988 Ariolasoft / U.S. Gold Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 Bushido Warrior (or potentially just Bushido) was a new oriental themed Gauntlet clone that was due out for a wide number of … Continue rea …

IBrowse 3.0 Released!

Amigans about 4 days ago

IBrowse 3 has arrived. It's finally time to move on from IBrowse 2, which has been developed for over 20 years! …

Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - New Beta Preview from Apollo Team

Amigans about 4 days ago Beta preview on the experimental project from Apollo Team working on a 68K Amiga/Apollo port of the famous Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood game, originally released for Windows PC's in 2002 and later re-released in 2012 …

Review: The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 - Great Games, Wrong Versions

Time Extension about 6 days ago

Console yourself.If you grew up with the Amiga, then The Bitmap Brothers will need no introduction. This legendary British developer was responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed games of the '80s and '90s, and even today, titles like Speedball …

Some vintage Japanese systems

VCFed about 7 days ago

Everyone, here is a small selection of my vintage machines, in this case four Japanese computers that were never particularly popular in the West (other than perhaps one). First off is a Sharp X68000 XVI, a beast of a computer, and I would refer to as the …

Commodore Discussion • Commodore Free issue 97 - 2023 about 7 days ago

A big Christmas surprise! Commodore Free magazine is back with issue 97! The last issue before the current one was published back in 2017. In the new issue, there is a tribute to the late programmer, Jason Kelk; VIC-20 news, C64 news, Amiga news, PE …

Commodore Free issue 97 - 2023

VCFed about 7 days ago

A big Christmas surprise! Commodore Free magazine is back with issue 97! The last issue before the current one was published back in 2017. In the new issue, there is a tribute to the late programmer, Jason Kelk; VIC-20 news, C64 news, Amiga news, PE …

Help with cable routing for an A2000 with a genlock card?

VCFed about 8 days ago

Hi all, I've got an Amiga 2000 with a 1084 monitor, which is usually plugged into the 23-pin RGB port on the back of the Amiga. However, I recently uncovered an old Amiga A2300 Genlock card and got that installed into the video port inside the A2000. It l …

Input Devices • SNAC for Commodore/Atari computers

MISTerFPGA about 8 days ago

I was thinking of buying a SNAC adapter but I read somewhere that the C64, Amiga and Atari ST cores don't support SNAC, is it true?If this is the case, are there alternative solutions (possibly just as cheap) that would let me use Commodore/Atari joystick …

introduce yourself • Hello from the West Midlands

Stardot about 10 days ago

Hi everyone, I'm from the Black Country in the West Midlands, I have a huge interest in retro and vintage computers, I regularly restore laptops, PC's, lunchbox PC's and also build retro systems from scratch - I recently built a 386 and currently a 286 PC …

Amiga Future is looking for reinforcements

Amigans about 11 days ago

Seeing as our printed edition of Amiga Future has now been published for over 25 years, we are at a point when we need to massively increase our editorial team for the magazine and also the home pages for our website. …

Chit Chat • CoinOPS Collections Showcase

Lemon64 about 11 days ago

CoinOps Collections Standalone/ArcadePunks Showcase. Wow! What can i say about this all-in-one pack? Contains over 200GB of retro games ranging from arcade, console, portable, and micro computers.Truly an awesome collection to download and play instantly. …

New Releases • Graphic Adventure Assembler for C64

Lemon64 about 12 days ago

I am pleased to announce the release of my adventure authoring tool: GAAC64. (Yes I know that's really close to another program, but I found out late and am not changing the branding)https://malcontent... program takes a script file that …

A New Book Is Set To Chart The History Of Firebird Software

Time Extension about 12 days ago

'Memories of Firebird' is available to preorder now.If you happened to be around in the days when microcomputers were king, you may be aware of Firebird Sofware.The British publisher was established in 1984 as a publishing arm of Telecomsoft and was respon …