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Evercade Reveals TheC64 Collection 3, Coming In 2024

Time Extension about 2 days ago

Featuring Boulder Dash, Summer Games II, & many more.Earlier today, Evercade unveiled TheC64 Collection 3, the latest in its series of cartridge-based retro reissues for its Evercade line of consoles.The collection will feature 13 games that were previousl …

Pole Position II Skids Onto Nintendo Switch & PS4 Later This Week

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Arrives on December 7th.Namco's racing sequel Pole Position II will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop & PS4 this week on December 7th, as reported by Famitsu. It joins the original game, which was released across both consoles earlier this year on …

Bushido Warrior

Games That Weren't about 3 days ago

1988 Ariolasoft / U.S. Gold Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 Bushido Warrior (or potentially just Bushido) was a new oriental themed Gauntlet clone that was due out for a wide number of … Continue rea …

FRGR #15: The Complete Works of Simo Ojaniemi (Amersoft, 1984)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 4 days ago

For this year's Finnish Independence Day celebratory blog post, I decided to take a closer look at all four games by Simo Ojaniemi, who is one of the pioneers in Finnish game developing. He started out developing games on his brother Juha's Commodo …

Help & Support • Commodore 64 Diagnostic Guide

Lemon64 about 9 days ago

Hello retro friends!I have been working on a tool that serves as a guide and goes through a detailed step by step diagnostic of your C64 main ICs, simplifying the process of checking voltages and frequencies to reach a final diagnostic.I believe that whet …

FS: Commodore 64 with box

VCFed about 10 days ago

For sale is a very lightly used Commodore 64 bundle. Includes the following: -C64 unit in excellent condition (in new condition with zero yellowing) -power supply (tested good) -manuals and setup guide -original box with foam inserts We've tested this to …

Penguin Tower

Games That Weren't about 10 days ago

2000 Problemchild Productions Platform: PC Way back in 2000, Games That Weren’t had got in touch with Jani Hirvo regarding his lost Commodore 64 game – Penguin Tower. But did you know there was also a PC version? You see … Continue readin …

Scene • Create and use a parabola in basic for c64

Lemon64 about 11 days ago

good evening, I wanted to move a sprite in the x and y direction and at each obstacle make it perform a parabolic jump. I found the formula and example in a magazine, which applied to the Commodore 64 works correctly. the problem is, that the jump never s …

A New Book Is Set To Chart The History Of Firebird Software

Time Extension about 12 days ago

'Memories of Firebird' is available to preorder now.If you happened to be around in the days when microcomputers were king, you may be aware of Firebird Sofware.The British publisher was established in 1984 as a publishing arm of Telecomsoft and was respon …

General • Word Proccesors for the Commodore 64

Lemon64 about 13 days ago

I was reading a thread on another forum where people seem to think only Paperclip or Word Writer are worth using. If they only knew how many word processors where written for the C-64!I used several, depending on the output I wanted, but The Write Stuff ( …

Various C64 educational titles preserved

Games That Weren't about 15 days ago

A huge thank you to Allan Pinkerton, who has preserved several educational titles from Micro Labs and Cymbal Software for the Commodore 64. As they are not unreleased game entries, we have just made this post to make them available … Continue reading …

8-bit acorn software: other • Rockstar Ate my Hamster

Stardot about 18 days ago

I was just wondering, with all the seemingly impossible conversions being done for the BBC Micro (like Prince of Persia and Stunt car Racer)Has anyone considered doing a port of this classic title "rockstar ate my hamster". It is a humorous rock band mana …

New Releases • New (Old) Release - Tower of Evil by Creative Sparks released by Excess

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

https://www.indieretronews... ... .html#morePer Indie Retro News:nother Commodore 64 port to grace our home computer screens and mentioned by Excess, is the Commodore 16, Plus/4, ZX Spectrum and VIC 20 game of Tower of Evil. A top down action ga …

New Releases • New Release - Star Wars 2024 C64 Calendar by Back2the8bit

Lemon64 about 18 days ago

https://back2the8bit.itch.... ... 4-calendar you are here, the Force has guided you!Have a great 2024 as Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, it doesn't matter, the most important thing is to wave your hands in front …

RGCD/Psytronik • Free Release - Rocky and Co Xmas C64 Demo by Psytronik Software

Lemon64 about 18 days ago & Co Xmas C64 Demo (FREE)Here's some festive fun for your C64 courtesy of ICON64. It's a festive-themed playable demo of ROCKY & CO! Take control of Rocky, Jet & Spud and use their unique strengths to …

New Releases • New Release - C64 B.G.Pack: Black Tiger +16DGHIM / Ghostbusters +7 / Pongy …by nIGHTFALL

Lemon64 about 19 days ago

https://www.nightfallcrew.... ... y-v1-32-3/Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.Titles:Doomed PETSCII Pacman +2Doomed PETSCII Pacman +2HThe Day Before &DSM …

A few items for sale

VCFed about 22 days ago

$90. Apple Macintosh SE $200 IBM PC 5150 rev A $200 IBM PC 5155 Portable 640 KB, Two 5.25 drives, XT-IDE, Denim carrying bag $200 IBM PC 5155 Portable . Original box, 640 KB, Two 5.25 full-height drives $150 Commodore 64 $150 with EasyFlash and Disk Drive …

Help & Support • Slot Machine Simulator

Lemon64 about 22 days ago

I grew up with a real slot machine from the 1930's in my bedroom. In the early 1980's, I wrote a Commodore 64 program that accurately simulates my slot machine. The slot wheel fruits rotated on the screen and in the computer's memory just like the actua …

Help & Support • Problems overwriting .CRT on Kung Fu Flash

Lemon64 about 24 days ago

I recently downloaded the SSI Gold Box AD&D games in special Easyflash releases, eager to play them on my Commodore 64 via Kung Fu Flash.However, the game keeps freezing before even getting through the party creation/management part, and it seems like …

Impact! (Audiogenic, 1987)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 25 days ago

Written for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga by John Dale with graphics by Martin "Spiny Norman" Day. Originally released by Audiogenic in 1987. Also published as "Blockbuster" in North America by Mindscape.Acorn BBC Micro/Electron conv …

Help & Support • RGB2HDMI - Scanlines don't work?

Lemon64 about 29 days ago

I just got myself an RGB2HDMI for the Commodore 64, downloaded the latest software (Beta 60) and installed it. Everything works great except for one thing - I just cannot get scanlines to work. I tried both from the menu and holding down SW1, it says that …