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Pole Position II Skids Onto Nintendo Switch & PS4 Later This Week

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Arrives on December 7th.Namco's racing sequel Pole Position II will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop & PS4 this week on December 7th, as reported by Famitsu. It joins the original game, which was released across both consoles earlier this year on …

Software Compatibility Question

VCFed about 3 days ago

Hey everyone, I downloaded Elcotel PNM manager 2.2 (pay phone programming software) for running on my 386DX/33. However, the manual says it needs a 486, MS-DOS 6.2, and Windows (95, 98, or NT). Has anyone had success with running software with a computer …

xflash utility for Teknor ISA Single Board Computers SBC

VCFed about 4 days ago

hi all, I have a Teknor AT4 single board computer (486sx33), and from reading the manual there is a utility called 'xflash' that is used to manage the flash memory that is used to boot the computer as if it had a disk in the A: drive. The SBC i have i …


VCFed about 5 days ago

Offered free to good home, my 5.25" floppy collection of MS-DOS software comprised mostly of MS-DOS system disks, Turbo Pascal, C, debuggers, and related along with Microsoft C and QuickC. This is a non-specific list but the collection contains the 19 …

MS-DOS utility collections

VCFed about 11 days ago

Any good ISO or torrents of miscellaneous DOS utilities/programs? Here are the ones I'm looking for: pkzip zoo telix list ... or any good directory lister I can find everything individually so I guess I could always make one. It's not too many items. I' …

File/System Integrity Monitoring for Windows 95

VCFed about 11 days ago

Normally I like using TinyWatcher for this purpose and that works great on anything Windows 98 and above for watching changes in the registry, files, etc. However despite the system requirements saying it'll run on Windows 95 it has never run on any versio …

Review: Duke Nukem Collection 2 - A Trio Of Duke's Less Essential Adventures

Time Extension about 15 days ago

Smells like someone cut the fromage.Although Duke Nukem's history is filled with notable titles – the much-delayed Duke Nukem Forever being perhaps the most infamous of all – it's fair to say that his most beloved game is 1996's Duke Nukem 3D, an FPS c …

Review: Duke Nukem Collection 1 - The King's First Three Adventures In One Place

Time Extension about 15 days ago

Shake it, baby.A few years before he was "all outta gum", Duke Nukem starred in a pair of MS-DOS action platformers which were distributed as shareware. Created by Apogee Software, Duke Nukem (1991) and Duke Nukem II (1993) were two rare beasts, at least o …

Remote file downloading examples for TOPS-10

VCFed about 16 days ago

All -- Back in this thread (DEC-10: connecting remote sites and usage in 20HAL) from a few years ago, I mentioned reverse engineering an old tool used during the development of MS-DOS 1 and the IBM-PC (described on my web site here). I've made much progre …

Test Computer Problems

VCFed about 23 days ago

Hi, I had a test computer built for me, but I'm having issues with it. It's a 386 computer and I have the ability to select either DOS or Windows XP. I'm currently running under DOS to check out some older floppy disks. The computer has a 5 1/4" di …

Need Help Creating MS DOS 6.22 Boot Disks

VCFed about 23 days ago

I have just purchased, a Tandy 1400LT and I would like to run DOS 6.22 on it since I would like to have the most up to date dos and I would like to play around with Zip Disks and other storage media that DOS 3.2 won't support. I know 6.22 cannot fit on one …

Reading files from DEC Rainbow drive image

VCFed about 23 days ago

I read the ST-412 (RD51) drive into a sector image using Dave Gesswein's mfmemu and would like to loop mount the MSDOS partition under Linux and read out the files. So far I've been able to decipher the Rainbow partitioning scheme (described in the DEC MS …

Rainbow 100 Hard-disk partition scheme?

VCFed about 25 days ago

I have a failing ST-412 in my Rainbow 100B and would rather not lose the files that came on it. Today I was able to read a sector data image from it using a Gesswein mfmemu. However I cannot figure out how to loop mount the partitions on a Linux system a …

32-bit acorn software: classic games • Decent PD, Freeware, Shareware Games?

Stardot about 27 days ago

Below are some of my favourites, please feel free to suggest more (including cover disk exclusive games).Ace Crusader - decent Defender clone with end of stage bosses - below average graphics but plays pretty wellShangai - the version by Julian Jiggi …

"My Documents" as system icon under Windows 95

VCFed about 28 days ago

I use Windows 95OSR2.1 on my 486 and I would like to add a "system icon" (like "My Computer","Network Neighborhood") to my Desktop and Explorer trees which opens "C:\My Documents" folder, similar to the later impleme …

Vintage software diskettes and CDs

VCFed about 28 days ago

I'm looking to get rid of a collection of software installation disks dating to the mid 1990s. Before just tossing them in the trash, I'm exploring whether anyone collects such treasures. I see some of this software is being sold via eBay, but I wonder i …

Chit Chat • Unpreserved games: Have you played any?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

In my case as a CPC/MS-DOS/PS1/PS2 guy, I have the good or bad luck of having played one MIA game (Missing in Action, games that were never preserved).But it was probably a homebrew game that was basically very close to many other games but with a few var …

IBM ISA 16 BIT 16/4 Token Ring Adapter issues

VCFed about 1 month ago

Hi guys, Has anyone setup the IBM ISA 16 BIT 16/4 Token Ring Adapter under MSDOS? I'm trying to use the IBM local area network support program 1.1 (DXMA0MOD.SYS and DXMC0MOD.SYS in my config.sys) which I used with my 8bit ISA Token Ring network adapter but …

(msdos) how to get the most out of floppies with bad sectors

VCFed about 1 month ago

Hi everyone, I have a done quite a few repairs but I have never tried to repair floppies. I know that there is an entire community around preserving vintage floppies, with specific tools that I have never used, one of which with 'flux' in the name,iirc …

Anniversary: Sam & Max: Hit The Road Turns 30 This Month

Time Extension about 1 month ago

"You're an ignorant dolt, Max".Sam & Max: Hit the Road, one of LucasArts' most beloved point-and-click adventures, is 30 years old this month (thanks, @Bhaal_Spawn).Based on Steve Purcell's anthropomorphic detective duo, the game launched on MS-DOS in …

Cinemaware's Rocket Ranger Is Coming To Atari Jaguar 35 Years Later

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Take to the skies!Atari Age has announced that Rocket Ranger, Cinemaware's action-adventure game inspired by The Rocketeer comics, is getting a port for the Atari Jaguar that will be arriving on its store.Originally released in 1988 for the Commodore Amiga …

8-bit acorn software: other • DFS explorer, is it still active

Stardot about 2 months ago

Hello GuysDFS EXPLORERI purchased this program years ago to allow file management between the BBC and pc when working with SSD It’s a useful program albeit it no longer works due to the serial being linked to the computer hardware it was purchased for, …