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MovieCart Lets You Watch Movies With Your Atari 2600

Time Extension about 22 hours ago

Grab your popcorn!While it's quite common now for modern video game consoles to come pre-built with the ability to play movies, back in the days of the Atari 2600, the hardware's limitations meant that people never even dreamed about the possibility of bei …

I'm Ben

VCFed about 2 days ago

Greetings VCF, I've recently started rebuilding my collection of vintage and nostalgia-inducing items, focusing on systems from the late 80s to the 90s. My journey began with an Amstrad CPC that I acquired from a family friend, who upgraded to an Atari ST …

WTS: Atari 800 Mechanical Keyboard

VCFed about 5 days ago

Hi all! Last year at VCFMW I picked up an Atari 800 and in restoring it I was faced with the issue of a broken, pretty much non-repairable, stackpole keyboard. I found this Mechanical Keyboard and decided to go that route as it lets me re-use my keycaps …

SoCal Vintage Computer Gaming Group meet #4

VCFed about 5 days ago

Greetings, programs! Just letting you all know, our next SoCal Vintage Computer Gaming Group meet is happening on March 10th from 11am - 6pm at the Claremont Packing House in Claremont, CA. This is a FREE event with Free parking. We will have lots of vint …

Atari Offers Update On "Atari Presents" Issues

Time Extension about 6 days ago

Eight games have been released as part of Atari Presents so far.Update : Since publishing, we've been contacted by Atari, who have given us an update on some of the issues users are reporting with the "Atari Presents" series.According to an Atari spokesper …

3 New Atari 2600 Games Have Been Found & Dumped

Time Extension about 8 days ago

The three games were developed by UA Ltd in the early '80s.Three previously unreleased Atari 2600 prototypes have been discovered and dumped online by a poster over on the AtariAge forums (as spotted by John Hancock!).The AtariAge poster, who calls himself …

Fans Disappointed With "Broken" Atari Presents Reissues

Time Extension about 9 days ago

Seven games have been released as part of Atari Presents so far.Last week, without warning, Atari launched a brand new label on Steam and GOG called "Atari Presents", which will see the publisher releasing a bunch of old retro games on the digital storefro …

The TDE Podcast Ep 32: Eugene Jarvis

The Arcade Blogger about 12 days ago

Episode 32 of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is available now for your listening pleasure! If you enjoy reading, you’ll love the other project I’m involved with: Ted Dabney Experience, episode 32: Eugene Jarvis Eugene Jarv …

Which Was Better: Punch Cards, Paper Tape, or Audio Tapes?

VCFed about 13 days ago

If you happen to see my other post, I've been reading about the early days of the computer market during the 1970s. The books I've read mention punch cards, paper tape, and audio tapes. I was wondering which of the three was the most reliable loading pro …

SIO cables DIY - which lines are really required?

VCFed about 13 days ago

Hi all I need one of these, they're too expensive for my tastes (30€+ shipped..) and it appears there are enough DIY projects out there to attempt to make one myself. Specs, schematics: ... [3D OLDCOMP KATALOG] …

Bubble Bobble looks great on the Atari 7800!

Indie Retro News about 14 days ago


Atari’s Mike Jang

The Arcade Blogger about 15 days ago

Some sad news to report on the blog this week. I got word that long-time Industrial Designer at Atari coin-operated division, Mike Jang, has passed away. I’ve known Mike since 2016, and whilst we never met, he was always on the other end of an em …

Chickin Chase / Cock' In (Prism Micro-informatique S.A., 1984)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 19 days ago

Developed by JAWXWritten by Francois LionetOriginally published as "Cock' In" by Prism Micro-informatique S.A. for Oric Atmos in 1984.Amstrad CPC version by JAWX, released as "Chickin Chase" by Firebird in 1985. Also released in Fra …

Input Devices • GRS TS-BSP02 Spinner Not working with Atari 2600/7800 Games

MISTerFPGA about 19 days ago

Hello, I have recently purchased TS-BSP02 spinner from Thunderstick studios and it is not responding with the Atari 2600/7800 core. I have an older TS-BSP01 stick and its working fine with no issues. I deleted the cores, config/input files and did a new …

Full Atari 400 Mini Game List Revealed

Time Extension about 19 days ago

25 titles included.Plaion has just revealed the 25 games that will come pre-installed on the upcoming £99.99 / €119.99 / $119.99 Atari 400 Mini micro-console, which it is producing in conjunction with Retro Games Ltd.These include Atari arcade classics …

Using SRAM for an Apple II

Apple Fritter about 21 days ago

AttachmentSize short phi2.jpg59.58 KB  I just read UncleBernie's response here: I figured the timing was right to discuss the issue of SRAM write timing on an Apple II. What I …

Atari Portfolio w/Serial and Parallel modules, 128k RAM car, AC adapter - make offer

VCFed about 22 days ago

Bought new in early 90s, complete Portfolio system with working Portfolio (see below), Serial and Parallel modules, user manuals (for Portfolio and modules), 128k RAM card and AC adapter. Software on disks for the Parallel module. Also a Portfolio Technica …

1990s PrairieTek 120 2.5" 20MB HDD, with carrier board, cable, manual - make offer

VCFed about 22 days ago

I bought this drive for an Atari Portfolio add-on project in the very early 1990s. As far as I recall , it's never been powered up! I don't have a way to test today... The drive is mounted on a "PrairieTek Corp. Junior Sport Interface Adapter 2mm&quo …

Super Rare 1970s Nintendo 'Perfect Score' Trophy Sells For $660

Time Extension about 25 days ago

Given away when Color TV Game Block Kuzushi launched.Before Nintendo took the world by a storm with the Famicom / NES, it produced a range of 'Color TV Game' systems in Japan, starting with the Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15 in 1977.1979's Color TV G …

Pinball Wizard's 'Balls Of Steel' Is Back On Steam, With 2 New Atari-Themed Tables

Time Extension about 28 days ago

Duke Nukem is sadly missing in action though.The 1997 PC game Balls of Steel has been rereleased on Steam, courtesy of Atari and Big Boat Interactive.The game, which was originally developed by Wildfire Studios and published by Apogee Software (under its P …

Atari Is Republishing Three 7800 Classics This May, Along With The CX78 Joypad

Time Extension about 28 days ago

Have you played Atari today?Atari has revealed that it is republishing three 7800 titles this year, as well as the iconic CX78 controller that shipped with the console back in the '80s.The games in question are Fatal Run (1990), Food Fight (1986) and Ninja …

Network 8bit-Slicks Event

VCFed about 29 days ago

Network 8bit-Slicks Event Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 9am Chicago / 15:00 ( UTC ) / 4pm France-Switzerland / 12am Japan. Duration: 60 minutes Welcome to the home of "8bit-Slicks", a remake of the legendary 90s game for the: Apple 2, Commodore 64, Atari …

COIN-OP CENTIPEDE! Demonstrating Atari's in-house development tools!

VCFed about 29 days ago

In this #retrocomputing #archaeology series video, we show how the tools at #ATARI coin-op worked, in-context. We modify Centipede, assemble, link, and create new EPROMs with our changes. #retrogaming #gamedev …