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Official Addon Boards • mt32-pi not Booting on Model 3 A+ board; Shows "Power Failure Type B" BlinkPattern [Solved]

MISTerFPGA about 13 hours ago

This was originally going to be a request for help, but in the effort of collecting information for my issue, I was able to find a solution.ProblemI got a mt32-pi hat, a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ board, and a Geekworm enclosure. I prepared …

Is anyone a member on

Neo Geo Forums about 2 days ago

I'm trying to find a PCB of Big Fight, Big Trouble in the atlantic. I lost the last one on yahoo auctions in september, and haven't been able to find one since. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have more luck on arcadeotaku than Klov, and arcade-projects. It' …

8-bit acorn hardware • Electron +3 spontaneously died

Stardot about 3 days ago

Been using the Elk all day, then suddenly I notice the screen's "frozen" - no flashing cursor.Ctrl-Break does nothing.Powercycle.Just get white bars across the whole screen.Pull it all apart, +1, +3, Elkonet, etc.After some fiddling, it turns out the Elk …

Intelligent Roland MPU-401 Clone PCB(s)

VCFed about 4 days ago

PMs only please! 1X MDR-401X 8BIT ISA Intelligent Roland MPU-401 clone with break-out cable: $85: fCONUS shipping included. 2X MDR-401X 8BIT ISA Intelligent Roland MPU-401 clone with break-out cable: $150: CONUS shipping included. ..... …

Commodore PET Universal 8032086 measurements

VCFed about 5 days ago

I'm busy with a project to, as close as possible, recreate the PCB layout from scratch for the Commodore PET Universal 8032086. About 95% completed and have been using the schematic diagrams and hi-res pics of the motherboards to re-create the PCB layout. …

ISA Super VGA Sergey’s - monochrome

VCFed about 6 days ago

Hello I made an ISA Super VGA card. PCB V1.1. On a Commodore PC10 computer, the video is monochrome. 1. I removed FB6 and C17 - no change, monochomatic video 2. Bios 3.51 and 4.01 - no changes, monochomatic video 3. I connected the original TRIDENT VGA …

SUGGEST: Missing Caps in a Biostar M5VNB Socket 7 motherboard

VCFed about 6 days ago

Hello Friends, Yesterday, I found this Biostar M5VNB Socket 7 motherboard from a dealer. This one - in my un-experienced eyes, I can guess that these few Caps are missing! Because they have marks …

8-bit acorn hardware • New MicroSD card PCB for use with MMFS

Stardot about 7 days ago

I know there are already a good number of MMFS solutions out there, and I previously had a solution where you could plug in a standard Arduino style SD card interface into one of my PCBs:viewtopic.php?t=19788H... I have now run out of those PCBs and i …

8-bit acorn hardware • Tube ULA Re-Implementation

Stardot about 7 days ago

Hi all,Part 1 : Project OverviewI have a 6502 Cheese Wedge with a broken ULA, so I thought it would be nice to get this back into service. As original ULAs are rather hard to come by, it's worth creating a modern replacement. This is a fairly well-worn pa …

Pro-Log 4410 (PLS-441) Logic Processor Card

VCFed about 7 days ago

I have a Pro-Log 4410 (PLS-441) Logic Processor Card up for offers This card uses an Intel 4040 4-Bit CPU …

Hardware hacks and extensions • Atmos replacement keyboard

Defence Force about 8 days ago

Are there any projects for an Atmos replacement keyboard PCB that would utilize Cherry MX switches and caps?Asking for a friend.Statistics: Posted by protek — Fri Dec 01, 2023 1:42 pm — Replies 3 — Views 343 …

Videx softswitch fab

Apple Fritter about 9 days ago

Hi all,I'm making my own Videx softswitch. I have the 80 col card in  my ][+ and it works great with a pushbutton A/B switch but I don't have a softswitch. I've seen them on eBay but I think it would be fun to make my own (I etch my own PCBs). I saw a PCB …

Altair 8800bt Parts

VCFed about 9 days ago

Hi! I have an Altair 8800bt case, PSU and turnkey card. I am trying to find an 8800b CPU card and the turnkey PCB along with the front dress panel. I was bidding on an 8800b CPU card but for some reason they seem to go for $400+ in the usual crazy biddi …

H758-a Schematic

VCFed about 10 days ago

I have just acquired a DEC H758-a power supply. The plus and minus 15VDC supplies seem to be fine but the +5VDC supply is not working (0.2VDC). Does anyone have a schematic of this supply? I couldn't find it with a google search. Also, what is the best …

IBM 5162 Prototype ?

VCFed about 10 days ago

I recently purchased an unusual IBM 5162. It can start up normally. Nameplate indicates that it is a 5162. However, when opening it, I discovered that its motherboard was really peculiar. In contrast to others, my motherboard's chips—including the CPU …

Sharp PC-1211 tape loading problems (TRS-80 PC-1)

VCFed about 10 days ago

Hi, I just finished refurbishing a Printer/Cassette interface CE-122 for the Sharp PC-1211. I am still waiting for my replacement LCD to arrive for the computer itself, but the old LCD is still partly usable. The PCB of the CE-122 interface had some corr …

Help & Support • Older version of Tapuino project

Lemon64 about 11 days ago

I'm looking for a PCB, BOM, and build instructions in order to build a Tapuino that doesn't have SMD components on the Tapuino board. Of the information I have found, it calls for 4 buttons to control the user input. But I can't find any finished ones tha …

Kaypro II Keybaord

Apple Fritter about 11 days ago

Greetings friends;I hope someone might be able to help me out. I am trying to find the schematic to a Kaypro II keyboard. I have done a lot of searching online, including some threads here, but no luck.There were a few variations of keyboard PCBs and I am …

Apple Computer A original parts

Apple Fritter about 13 days ago

Hey, guys!I recently received a replica circuit board of Apple Computer A. I must admit it is a great job, thanks Michael Ng!  1000006833.jpg  My plan is to assemble this replica as close to the original photos as possible …

Shiva Netbridge Rev.2 (Appletalk)

VCFed about 13 days ago

I have a Shiva Netbridge Rev. 2 (Appletalk) up for offers. It is missing the front plate that would cover everything except the L.E.D.'s. …

IBM 1503968XM Floppy Controller

VCFed about 14 days ago

I found this 1503968XM floppy controller card in my collection but wasn't able to find any reference to that number. It appears almost identical to the 6181682 floppy controller except the appearance of RP-1 in the top-right corner (and the fact that 4 chi …

Help & Support • C64C mitsumi carbon pads

Lemon64 about 15 days ago

Hi!I recently bought an "untested" C64C from eBay that turned out to be bit of a disaster. 2 x CIA, 2 x RAM, CPU and SID have been replaced. The PCB was really dirty as well. A cotton swap + IPA came back black after several passes. I suspect that it has …

NEC Multisync II (JC-1402) monitor repair notes

VCFed about 15 days ago

Hi, I bought this monitor back in 2015 as faulty, and it has been sat on my shelf until a few weeks ago. The service manual is on-line, make sure when downloading your copy has page 2 with the connector pin-outs and signals as some versions out there have …

4-Slot Metal Cage (Large PCB Version)

Neo Geo Forums about 16 days ago

Looking for a cage top. Message if you have one available. Thanks …

Atari Selling Repro PCBs

Neo Geo Forums about 16 days ago

If this has been mentioned previously, forgive me, but I was surprised to see Atari selling officially licensed PCBs of their classic games. Apparently, like everything else at this time of year, they are on sale too: Major Havoc, Rev. E Food Fight Gravi …