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Arcade Cores • Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade - What went wrong ?

MISTerFPGA about 9 hours ago

Hi,Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade was supposed to be released in october but nothing.I especially upgrade to dual ram and digital board for it....What went wrong ?Thanks …

New Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi Games Announced by Sega!

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 1 day ago

If you are a Sega enthusiast, I'm sure you are already well aware of the big announcement they made last night at The Game Awards. If you still need filling in, then here's the news: Sega have announced new games based on some long-neglected IPs, and much …

Guide: Best Golden Axe Games - Every Golden Axe Game Ranked

Time Extension about 1 day ago

Going for gold.Once upon a time, Golden Axe was a key franchise for parent company Sega. It arrived in arcades in 1989 in the middle of an explosion of side-scrolling fighters, competing successfully with the likes of Double Dragon, Final Fight and Teenage …

Is anyone a member on

Neo Geo Forums about 2 days ago

I'm trying to find a PCB of Big Fight, Big Trouble in the atlantic. I lost the last one on yahoo auctions in september, and haven't been able to find one since. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have more luck on arcadeotaku than Klov, and arcade-projects. It' …

The Making Of: Virtuality, The 1990s Pioneer That Sold The World On VR

Time Extension about 2 days ago

"The Americans took to this like you wouldn’t believe".The following is an edited extract from the book Curious Video Game Machines by Lewis Packwood, which explores the stories behind rare and unusual consoles, computers and coin-ops. In this chapter, L …

Blast Arena Is A Brand New Arena Shoot 'Em Up For Your Sega Master System

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Better yet, it's free!The Sega Master System may have debuted in North America back in 1986, but games are still being released for the console all these years later, thanks to its amazing community of homebrew developers.Case in point — earlier this wee …

Pole Position II Skids Onto Nintendo Switch & PS4 Later This Week

Time Extension about 3 days ago

Arrives on December 7th.Namco's racing sequel Pole Position II will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop & PS4 this week on December 7th, as reported by Famitsu. It joins the original game, which was released across both consoles earlier this year on …

General Discussions • Arcade button setup as part of main menu

MISTerFPGA about 3 days ago

I’m not sure if it’s just me or a combination of main menu controller setup and MiSTercade, but I have a hellish time with conflicting or non-mapable buttons.So I get that the ‘virtual Dpad setup thing in the main menu is suppose to be the ‘base …

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration Adds 12 New Games With Free Update

Time Extension about 4 days ago

Includes homebrews, prototypes, and more!Later today, at 2 pm GMT, the publisher Atari and developer Digital Eclipse are adding 12 new titles to their interactive documentary Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration in a brand new free update to celebrate the …

Arcade Cores • Truxton Arcade Not Working Anymore?

MISTerFPGA about 5 days ago

Is something wrong with Truxton arcade core? When I try to play it, only gives a black screen and nothing more... or is only for me? Truxton 2 is ok. …

Interview: "It Was A Suicide Mission" - Larry Siegel Reflects On Atari's Failed War On Nintendo

Time Extension about 5 days ago

"It was all about saving six cents. It was not about the big picture".In the late 80s and early 90s, Lawrence Siegel had the unenviable task of turbo-charging Atari's software development, at a time when Nintendo had a monopoly on the market.Siegel was a v …

Arcade Cores • Bomb Jack Test

MISTerFPGA about 5 days ago

So, as suggested by a couple of folks over on another thread, I decided to take a look at Bomb Jack and see what may be wrong.First, I have to say that the core is written pretty well and follows the schematics pretty faithfully so it was a challenge to t …

Review: Toaplan Arcade 2 - I Am The God Of Hellfire

Time Extension about 6 days ago

...and I bring you...The first Evercade Toaplan Arcade collection was packed with big hitters from the Japanese company's history, including Zero Wing, Truxton, Flying Shark and Tiger Heli. While Toaplan's back catalogue has more than enough hits to make a …

Games • Emulation from other Systems (Arcade, G&W, Atari...)

Lemon64 about 7 days ago

Hi!Can you guys help making a list of all the systems that are " "emulated" " (almost) (between many quotes) in the C64? I mean those 1:1 gamecopies from other systems, like all the Savona's Work from the Atari2600, or Arlasoft from the Arcade...To avoi …

Price lowered - Now €500 MiSTer FPGA JAMMIX (JAMMA/ITX) Setup

Neo Geo Forums about 7 days ago

I am selling one of my MiSTer setups, a JAMMIX which come in a nice little case. You can keep it in case or if you prefer you can install it in a JAMMA/Chamma compatible arcade cabinet. It was purchased recently from link below for nearly 900 Euro (listed …


Neo Geo Forums about 7 days ago

I am selling one of my MiSTer setups, a JAMMIX which come in a nice little case. You can keep it in case or if you prefer you can install it in a JAMMA/Chamma compatible arcade cabinet. It was purchased recently from link below for nearly 900 Euro (listed …

SOTM December 2023: Gun Frontier - Raffles 'n Shit Edition

Neo Geo Forums about 7 days ago

Here we are, Gun Frontier. Released by Taito in 1990, the level of detail and heart imparted on this game indicates that they expected it to become something of a landmark shooting game. A number of factors prevented that from happening - the rank system i …

Arcade Cores • We playing Basketball ..... HOOPS 96

MISTerFPGA about 7 days ago

Can we get Hoops 96 on the Mister some day ???This Game is so cool´ the meanwhile im shredding Street HoopsKind regards …

Arcade Cores • Alien Vs Predator

MISTerFPGA about 7 days ago

Hey guysi really love this game and i tried to play it a couple of times but...I want to tweak some settings in the service menu but i cant get out of it cause to exit on this board is necessary to push P1 and P2 Start button.How to set P2 Start Button wi …

Chit Chat • Fightcade - Online P2P Retrogaming

Lemon64 about 8 days ago

Fightcade is an awesome online p2p program using a very nice frontend. Mainly for players of arcade games such as Neo Geo, Naomi, Dreamcast and more. Check it out here and learn how to use it. Posted by justjamie …

Review: Toaplan Arcade 1 - A Shmup-Heavy Delight For Arcade Lovers

Time Extension about 8 days ago

All Your Evercades are belong to us.Toaplan may be most famous today for its range of horizontal and vertical shmups, but the company has a proud history of dabbling in other genres, as this collection for the Evercade family of systems attests.Even so, it …

Dreamcast Graveyard: Websites We Miss from the Post-Sega Era

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 8 days ago

While logging into Phantasy Star Online the other night, with my GD-ROM screeching away under the immense pressure of having to load a lobby with three other players, it struck me that my character is now 18 years old. That’s a bloody long lifespan …

Guide: Best Ridge Racer Games, Ranked By You

Time Extension about 8 days ago

Riiiiiiiidge racer!When Ridge Racer first burst into arcades on October 30th, 1993, it felt like the dawn of a new generation. Namco's 3D title was comfortably the cutting edge of video game graphics at that point, effortlessly outclassing Sega's Virtua Ra …

December SOTM Vote - Back of the Game Center

Neo Geo Forums about 9 days ago

It's a July afternoon and it's very hot. Seeking refuge from the oppressive humidity, you stumble into a hole in the wall game center that looks like it somehow managed to get stuck in time in the late 90s. The AC is working, miraculously, so you take a lo …