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Random: Top-Down Ridge Racer Looks As Cool As It Sounds

Time Extension about 8 days ago

The Ridge Racer / Micro Machines crossover you didn't know you wanted.Namco's Ridge Racer is one of the most popular arcade racing games of all time.Not only did it show the arcade-going public just what was possible with texture-mapped 3D graphics, it als …

Game Preservationists Unearth New Footage Of Cancelled N64 Racer

Time Extension about 2 months ago

Could Rev Limit have been Nintendo's answer to Ridge Racer before Ridge Racer 64?The game preservationists over at Hard4Games have just released some newly unearthed footage of Rev Limit — Seta's cancelled racer that was in development from the mid-to-la …

PSP2, Switch 2 and an Xbox handheld... a brighter portable future?

Portable Gaming Roundup about 3 months ago

Perhaps its the silly season in gaming news, ignoring Xbox's self-inflicted recent strategic wounds, but we've got "sources" talking, gossipers going full-bore and all sorts of potential new hardware being talked about lurking in the roadmaps.Whether none, …

Midnight Challenge Is An Awesome Ridge Racer Homage Created In Game Maker Studio

Time Extension about 4 months ago

That's just what I wanted to see!Listen, Bandai Namco isn't interested in Ridge Racer anymore. We know that's a hard fact to take in, but the sooner we all get used to it, the better.Right, now we've gotten that out of the way, we can move on to the topic …

Vanishing Point: The Dreamcast's Secret Ridge Racer

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 5 months ago

In early January 2001, while most were still nursing hangovers and recovering from eating too many mince pies, Vanishing Point released on both the Dreamcast and PlayStation to little fanfare in what was an already overcrowded genre. As such, it unfor …

Guide: Best WipEout Games, Ranked By You

Time Extension about 5 months ago

Which of Sony's anti-grav racers is best?While many people associate Ridge Racer or Tekken with the early years of PlayStation, for others, it's WipEout that really sums up the incredible impact Sony's 32-bit console had on the gaming landscape.Not only di …

The PlayStation Portable is 19 and still going strong

Portable Gaming Roundup about 5 months ago

This blog's URL is PSP2Roundup. I started it in 2010 ahead of the Vita's (then NGP, hopefully PSP2) launch, well into the original's lifespan. I wish I'd started it earlier to ride the phenomenal success of Sony's first portable as it swept the world, topp …

Guide: Best Ridge Racer Games, Ranked By You

Time Extension about 6 months ago

Riiiiiiiidge racer!When Ridge Racer first burst into arcades on October 30th, 1993, it felt like the dawn of a new generation. Namco's 3D title was comfortably the cutting edge of video game graphics at that point, effortlessly outclassing Sega's Virtua Ra …

Guide: Best Ridge Racer Games - Every Ridge Racer, Ranked

Time Extension about 7 months ago

Ridge Racer turns 30 today.When Ridge Racer first burst into arcades on October 30th, 1993 (that's an incredible 30 years ago today), it felt like the dawn of a new generation. Namco's 3D title was comfortably the cutting edge of video game graphics at tha …

Katsuhiro Harada On Tekken Tag Tournament's Teeth And Scoring An Unexpected Hit

Time Extension about 7 months ago

"I said it as a joke at that moment".Tekken Tag Tournament may not be part of the mainline Tekken series, but when the PlayStation 2 launched in 2000, it was one of the most high-profile early releases alongside Namco stablemate Ridge Racer V.The game rece …

Guide: Best PS1 Emulators - PlayStation Emulation Made Easy

Time Extension about 7 months ago

The best emulators for Sony's 32-bit wonder.Sony's 32-bit PlayStation is the console that began decades of dominance in the world of games for the Japanese tech giant and is home to some of the most famous franchises in interactive entertainment. Gran Turi …

Ridge racer v not booting

Arcade Projects about 7 months ago

Faced such a problem that I keep getting stuck on this screen when I try to boot Rrv. I tried different drives, but the problem kept the same. Maybe someone knows how to fix it? …

Ridge Racer V Force Feedback Patch

Arcade Projects about 8 months ago

Today I'll be releasing the force feedback patch for Ridge Racer V! This game requires several components to run but thanks to this patch you can now play it with just your I/O board! Here are some screenshots! : And a video of the game in action! : …

Retro Arcadia Weekly Spotlight #93

Retro Arcadia about 10 months ago

Back again for our regular Sunday roundup of quick-fire reviews and impressions of everything under the spotlight at Retro Arcadia this week, old and new and a bit of both… Or maybe not a game at all! Don’t worry though because it’s game-rela …

Slick OutRun-Style Racer Slipstream Getting Free Expansion This Month

Time Extension about 11 months ago

Blue Hour arrives on the 28th June.To mark the fifth anniversary of the release of the racing game Slipstream on PC, its publisher Blitworks Games and the Brazilian developer ansdor are bringing a new, free expansion to the OutRun-inspired title across all …

Miyoo Mini Plus review

Portable Gaming Roundup about 1 year ago

While I love my Evercade very much, the slow drip feed of physical collections can lead me down a rabbit hole of "other games I want to play now." The Miyoo Mini Plus is the answer to that modest prayer with around 5,500 ROMs crammed into a tiny form …

Faster Than Speed: A closer look at the Atomiswave Need for Speed: Underground clone

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 1 year ago

Alongside the recently covered Maximum Speed, Sammy's 2004 street racing title Faster Than Speed represents one of only two racing titles released for the Atomiswave arcade platform. Faster Than Speed differs from its stablemate in that it is a street raci …

Extra Life – Gaming Event in aid of Cancer Research

Retro Games Collector about 2 years ago

Words by Barry Morse of ‘The Retro Shed’ “Extra Life” we have all seen those words many times as gamers and got excited at the prospect of spending a few more minutes in the world of the game we spent our parents hard earned coins in. I …

229 Evolution of Racing Games Part 2

Retro Gaming Discussion Show about 6 years ago

The Drisk and Kingy return for an epic second part of this series. We enter the 90's, we enter the age of 3D racing. Be sure to listen to our previous episode (part 1) to get the full appreciated of this series.  It's been a long journey, but we @RGDSpodc …

RGDS 189 - What is the Best Game of 1981?

Retro Gaming Discussion Show about 7 years ago

Welcome to another amazing episode of RGDS where we discuss and look what video games were released in 1981 and decide what the best game was released that year? Joining us on the podcast is regular hosts Paul “The Drisk” Driscoll, Andy “Cranky Gramp …

The Music Of "Ridge Racer"

Retro Gaming Discussion Show about 8 years ago

Welcome to another fun filled episode of RGDS " The Music Of" Ridge Racer Today You host is the award winning podcaster ,"Big Retro" aka Matt Lambourne Matt is a new member of the RGDS team but defiantly not new to retro gaming or podcasting. Please check …