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Micropolis 1355 drive no head seek

VCFed about 24 hours ago

I am trying to get a Micropolis 1355 Disk Drive to work. It was bought as new old stock. When I power it on, the drive spins up but the heads do not seek. I have read about a sticky bumper problem with a rubber bumper the heads sit against deteriorates and …

Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2 Service Manual eBay Fundme

VCFed about 1 day ago

My understanding is that this manual did not exist, partly due to schematics appearing in the operators manual. however, here it is: eBay Only US$399, plus shipping ? Such is the price of unobtanium. So, unless someone has a PDF, I might start a fundme c …

HP-85a w/ HP-IB Interface (82937A) POST Error 114

VCFed about 3 days ago

Hi There. I have an HP-85a that works perfectly...except, I just recently purchased an HP-IB interface card for it so I could connect it to my HP 9121B disk drive. I have the 00085-15001 Mass Storage ROM in my ROM Drawer. When I power up the machine I g …

8-bit acorn hardware • 5.25" drive

Stardot about 3 days ago

It's been quite a while since I used this board - pleased to see that my account is still available!After having my old BBC B restored and spending a good bit of time playing through my old games on tape, I've been trying to get my old 5.25" disk games go …

IBM XT286 with IDE and CF-Card problems

VCFed about 7 days ago

Hello, After in my old IBM XT286 (with the original BIOS from 04/21/86) the original MFM hard drive crashed, I replaced the original IBM Fixed Disk and Disk Drive Adapter with an M51505 A4 Mini Super IDE controller with a 256MB CF card. The floppy drives …

Compaq Portable 1 technical difficulties, I need to get an TexElec ISA IDE to SD Adapter working with it.

VCFed about 17 days ago

Hello everyone ! I am new here in this forum. English is not my main language, so I will try to do my best to express myself in a clear way. I just bought a Restored 1985 Compaq Portable PC and everything worked flawlessly until I have installed a new ISA …

Value of brand new, unopened Commodore PET 2001-8N found in basement

VCFed about 17 days ago

I have been hired to clean out an old lady's home recently. Her deceased husband worked in computer and seismic engineering fields and over the years accumulated a lot of electronics. While cleaning the basement, I came across various Commodore computers o …

A few items for sale

VCFed about 22 days ago

$90. Apple Macintosh SE $200 IBM PC 5150 rev A $200 IBM PC 5155 Portable 640 KB, Two 5.25 drives, XT-IDE, Denim carrying bag $200 IBM PC 5155 Portable . Original box, 640 KB, Two 5.25 full-height drives $150 Commodore 64 $150 with EasyFlash and Disk Drive …

Help & Support • GreaseWeazle + 5,25 disk drive

Lemon64 about 22 days ago

Hey,I have a greaseweazle for my Amiga. Works fine.But I wonder if I could use it with a 5,25 diskdrive to use for my C64 ?If it is, what diskdrive should I get ?Is there any PC program utility existing to help recognizing and transfering .D64 .G64 ?Thank …

Test Computer Problems

VCFed about 23 days ago

Hi, I had a test computer built for me, but I'm having issues with it. It's a 386 computer and I have the ability to select either DOS or Windows XP. I'm currently running under DOS to check out some older floppy disks. The computer has a 5 1/4" di …

Scene • Does CHROUT() out to 1541 disk drive interfere with RDTIM()/jiffies clock?

Lemon64 about 23 days ago

I am a bit stumped attempting to measure KB/sec file write speed in my program.I basically dot0 = RDTIM();SETNAM()SETLFS()OPE... * (CHROUT() + READST())CLOSE()t1 = RDTIM();and then log (t1-t0)/60 as the elapsed number of seconds.But for e.g. a 80 …

WTB IBM System/36 5364

VCFed about 26 days ago

IBM System/36 5363 or 5364, also any spare parts. Will to purchase or trade. Especially need a working disk drive for 5464. …

Ebay Apple II Computer

VCFed about 27 days ago

... Apple II Computer - A2S1-15533 Disk Drive II, Paddles No Reserve Not Plus | eBay Computer Serial number is A2S1 15533. Early and well preserved Apple II Computer, not II …

Serial IEC Disk Drive Interface

Apple Fritter about 29 days ago

Dear Friends,it is with great pleasure that @nippur72 and I share with you our latest project (actually, more his effort than mine, I just soldered some component...). As some of you had guessed: this is a microSD Storage Card add-on module that allows yo …

Scene • Reading file disk data into CBM Prg Studio memory using the Kernal

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

Hi everyone,I have been spending a week on this code, been reading some books on the kernal I/O for the Commodore 64, but for some reason, I just can't get a file read into memory. Does anyone know of any resources of how this can be done? Many of the old …

Help & Support • Disk Drive Open/Closed During Storage

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times, but recently I purchased a 1571 and it arrived with the cardboard insert head protector. Almost simultaneously I bought a 1541 with a lever (my other models have the door latch) that needed some minor mecha …

TRS-80 model 4 in need of a floppy drive and CRT TLC

VCFed about 1 month ago

Along with an MTI MOD3 PLUS computer that I purchased yesterday, I got a TRS-80 model 4. It has 2 issues: Firstly, it has no floppy disk drives (the drive bays are empty, and the floppy cable is visible inside). And secondly, the CRT is amongst other thing …

Supermarket • Auctions: Two C64s, VC-1541, C1551

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

I'm have these auctions on Swedish auction site Tradera. I will ship inside the EU.Commodore 64 in original box. Probably has a faulty 6526 CIA chip as some keys don't work.Commodore 64 in original box. Fully working when tested.Commodore VC 1541 Disk Dri …

Help & Support • Crazy Question: Can a 1541 or 1571 write an Atari Disk?

Lemon64 about 1 month ago

I know this probably sounds dumb, but I have an Atari 800XL with a 1050 disk drive, a C128D, a C64SX, and a PiStorm1541. My kids wanted to play some Atari games since they have been playing on the Commodore computers, but I don't have a way to get the gam …

diablo series 30 disk drive terminator.

VCFed about 1 month ago

wtb terminator for a diablo 31 drive. /h …

Amstrad PC1640 - Faulty Floppy Disk Controller or Disk Drive

VCFed about 2 months ago

Hello. I'm hoping there are some resident Amstrad experts who may be able to assist. I recently acquired an Amstrad PC1640 with an 'MD' monochrome display. It starts to go through the initialisation checks but never reaches a prompt. After showing 'Please …

Putting a PT-65B switchmode power module into an Apple IIe

Apple Fritter about 2 months ago

Hi -I finally managed to replace the power supply of my Apple IIe with a "Mean Well" PT-65B switchmode power supply. As you can see from the photo, it fits nicely into the metal box of the original power supply, and once the box is closed, no difference ca …

Model III disk drive - no "Diskette?" prompt

VCFed about 2 months ago

Got three model IIIs with the same symptom on the test bench: they fail to give a "Diskette?" prompt. I don't have a boot floppy here, but I assume it would not work... First things first... that missing prompt. Each can power up to Cass? no prob …

Software & Hardware • Amiga 500 Rev.5 Keyboard Not Working

LemonAmiga about 2 months ago

Hello all,After getting this machine about a year ago I never had time or space to get into it and get it up and running, but this weekend I did and I was excited to see it going for the first time. The machine had different ideas though.Although the mach …