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ZX Spectrum, ZX81, SAM Coupé, TSConf, QL, Next • Issue with zx next boot.vhd

MISTerFPGA about 5 days ago

Hey guysI have issue with teh zxnext.I have downloaded the boot.vhd fileit asks me to select the proper boot.vhd fileI do. When it boots it asks me to select the proper screen mode. I do. When it says you are happy I press Ythen instantly it goes error un …

So, What Is the Appeal of Retro Video Games?

Retromash about 7 days ago

Video games are a massive multi-billion dollar industry these days. But it wasn’t always this way. Some might say it has become all about the money. Given the past few years of terrible AAA games we have had to endure, this might be true, as publishers s …

Display Devices • "Jumpy" video on a CRT (Philips CM8833-2) with SOME cores only.

MISTerFPGA about 12 days ago

Hi,The SCART output of my MiSTer Multisystem is connected to a Philips CM8833-2 CRT monitor (15KHz, similar to Commodore 1084S) using a SCART to RGB DB9 adapter.It works perfectly with most cores, but for several of them the picture "jumps" vertically by …

Jail Break (Konami, 1985)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 23 days ago

Developed by Konami for the arcades.Directed by Oolong Sugimo.Produced by Kagemasa Kozuki and Soft Second Development Room.Music and sound effects by Sound Effect Study Room.Originally published as an arcade game kit in North America by Konami Industry Co. …

35 Years Later, Prince Of Persia Has Just Got An (Unofficial) Port For The Vic-20

Time Extension about 1 month ago

The port was inspired by Nicodim's unofficial ZX Spectrum port.Broderbund's classic action-platformer Prince of Persia has been ported to a lot of machines since its original release on the Apple II in 1989 — both officially and unofficially. However, on …

ZX Spectrum, ZX81, SAM Coupé, TSConf, QL, Next • Joystick not working on Spectrum core

MISTerFPGA about 1 month ago

I have an 8BitDo NeoGeo gamepad that is working fine on other cores but only the buttons work on the gamepad with the Spectrum core. The joystick is not working at all. Any ideas why this might be? …

Legendary Ocean And US Gold Artist F. David Thorpe Has Passed Away Aged 84

Time Extension about 1 month ago

"He was the one who set the benchmark".It has been revealed that F. David Thorpe, who created some of the most memorable ZX Spectrum loading screens for Ocean and US Gold, passed away earlier this year following a long illness. He was 84.Thorpe was behind …

'Beyond The Ice Palace' Is Getting A Sequel, 36 Years Later

Time Extension about 1 month ago

For Steam, Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.The publishers PQube Games and PixelHeart are partnering up with the Ganryu 2 and Golden Force developer Storybird Studio to release Beyond the Ice Palace II — a new sequel to the 1988 Commodore 64 game Beyond …

Pub Games (Alligata Software, 1986)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 1 month ago

Sinclair ZX Spectrum version:Programmed by Richard Stevenson and David Wright (as Dollarsoft)Published by Alligata in 1986.Commodore 64 version:Programming by John StevensonGraphics by JLM (?)Music by Ben DaglishPublished by Alligata in 1986.Amstrad CPC ve …

30 Years Later, P47's Cancelled Mega Drive Port Is Finally Being Released

Time Extension about 2 months ago

The announcement was made at this year's Shooters Fes.During this year's Shooters Fes in Japan, City Connection revealed the news that it will be releasing the Mega Drive port of Jaleco's horizontally-scrolling shooter P47: The Phantom Fighter — almost 3 …

Zynaps (Hewson Consultants Ltd., 1987)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 2 months ago

Sinclair ZX Spectrum version:Designed and written by Dominic Robinson; In-game graphics by Stephen J. Crow; Loading screen by John M. Phillips; Music by Steve Turner.Commodore 64 version:Designed by John Cumming and Dominic Robinson; Programming by John Cu …

Iconic Issues: CVG's Complete Guide To Consoles

Time Extension about 2 months ago

The magazines which started a revolution.Back in the early late '80s and early 1990s, the NES / Famicom dominated living rooms in North America and Japan, but the situation was a little different in the United Kingdom.Home computers like the ZX Spectrum, C …

ZX Spectrum, ZX81, SAM Coupé, TSConf, QL, Next • The Neverending Story Keyboard Issue

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

I wanted to look at some games I used to play on my Spectrum 128k. I remember the one I got came bundled with 128k versions of Daley Thompson's Decathlon and The Neverending Story so I thought I would start with them.I've just tried The Neverending Story …