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Hardware Setups • My New MiSTer

MISTerFPGA about 15 days ago

Hi,just want to show my new build. Had a MiSTer previously when the project started years ago, but was always dissatisfied with it because of the available options regarding the casing, so I sold the setup not long after and sticked with my MiST. Until re …

Help to find the CD-ROM of the SSV CP/486SX2 DIL/NetPC with ADNP/1486-3V module starter kit

VCFed about 23 days ago

I recently acquired this CP/486SX2 DIL/NetPC PC/104 board (made by SSV Embedded Systems, a German company) which essentially acts as a breakout board for the ADNP/1486-3V module (based on the AMD Elan SC410 SoC) and while it works it only boots from a CF C …

Super Rare 1970s Nintendo 'Perfect Score' Trophy Sells For $660

Time Extension about 25 days ago

Given away when Color TV Game Block Kuzushi launched.Before Nintendo took the world by a storm with the Famicom / NES, it produced a range of 'Color TV Game' systems in Japan, starting with the Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15 in 1977.1979's Color TV G …

Review: Anbernic RG35XX H - Third Time's A Charm

Time Extension about 1 month ago

Getting horizontal.We reviewed the Anbernic RG35XX Plus a short time ago, and found it to be a solid emulation handheld capable of playing all the way up to the PS1 and Dreamcast era.Now, the Chinese company returns with yet another member of the same fami …

NGEN board identification (3676-2060A)

VCFed about 2 months ago

hey all, i picked up an NGEN B26 off ebay today with an "I/O board" that i cannot identify, 3676-2060A seems to be the part number. is anyone able to ID this? it is installed in the slot closest to the connector breakout panel and is the only boa …

The Making Of: The Black Onyx, The Game That Hooked Japan On RPGs

Time Extension about 2 months ago

How Henk Rogers, the man who bought Tetris, introduced the RPG to Japan.On Wednesday, 10th February 1988, Japanese police arrested nearly four hundred schoolchildren involved in a mass breakout of truancy in what a National Police Agency spokesperson late …

8-bit acorn software: classic games • Hyperball cheats and trivia

Stardot about 3 months ago

Hyperball is a breakout clone for the Acorn series, completed in 1989 and released in 1990 on the Superior Software Play It Again Sam 13 compilation.The game consists of 20 arenas across 6 different sets and includes a shop where you can purchase all sort …

Prison City banged up on consoles

Portable Gaming Roundup about 3 months ago

Retroware's Prison City has been delighting my Twitter feed over the last few months, teasing a breakout action retro experience. Prison City is side-scrolling shooter action at pace, full of colour and mayhem, with multiple weapons and vehicles, interesti …

Impact! (Audiogenic, 1987)

Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog about 4 months ago

Written for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga by John Dale with graphics by Martin "Spiny Norman" Day. Originally released by Audiogenic in 1987. Also published as "Blockbuster" in North America by Mindscape.Acorn BBC Micro/Electron conv …

Games • What are people's favourite Breakout / Arkanoids on the Amiga?

LemonAmiga about 4 months ago

I've been on something of a Breakout / Arkanoid kick recently, tried a few different ones. I'm wondering what people's favourites are, and why? And which ones don't you like, and why?Statistics: Posted by MartinJSUK — Mon Nov 06, 2023 10:13 pm — Repli …

Chit Chat • I CONFESS: I was hyped by the Intellivision Amico

Lemon64 about 4 months ago

I preordered one, got refunded a few months ago.The idea wasn't as bad as some make it out to be. A modern console with a retro approach not only with a focus on multiplayer, but with mandatory multiplayer in all games. I also liked how they delberatedly …

Input Devices • Spinners, Trackballs, and the Setting 0xFFFF

MISTerFPGA about 5 months ago

I recently got one of these, on eBay.It's an Atgames Legends Ultimate Fight Stick/ Control Panel, and connects via USB.It's flippin' huge, but has a really nice feel. The sticks are decent, not cheap feeling. The concave buttons are clicky, and have a rea …

Wico Command Control joystick adapter

Apple Fritter about 5 months ago

I picked up a Wico Command Control Joystick adapter in a box of misc gear today, and was wondering how this thing actually works.  It has a regular joystick pin connector that goes into a breakout box with two 9-pin joystick ports and it appears to be a d …

Roland SC-50 SD-20 SD-35 MPU-401 MT-32: $1000

VCFed about 5 months ago

PMs only please. 6X Roland Intelligent MPU-401 8BIT PCB ISA Clone 2X Roland SC-50 1X Roland Edirol SD-20 1X Roland SD-35 1X Roland MT-32 6X MPU-401 Clone Breakout Cable 2X Game MIDI Cable 1X MIDI Cable 1X Roland PSU 2X Generic PSU Continental USA Only ( …

First Play Of Tekken 8 & New Prince Of Persia Four Months Before Release

Retro Dodo about 5 months ago

We had the chance to visit the September 2023 WASD x IGN video game expo held at the Truman Brewery in London and had a first play of Tekken 8 & new Prince of Persia game ‘The Lost Crown’. There were tons of upcoming games being showca …

I'm back

Nuon Dome about 6 months ago

Damn, them balls is good indeed! After a 20 year slumber, the smallest of burning embers have been re-kindled. I'm setting up a GIT repository of some of my ancient Nuon stuff. It will remain private for a while. The reason I am setting it up, is …

Konami's 1986 Shooter 'Jail Break' Is Heading To PS4 & Switch This Week

Time Extension about 6 months ago

Coming September 14th.Hamster Corp has revealed that it will be bringing Konami's action shooter Jail Break (known in Japan as "Manhattan 24th Bunsho") to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as part of Arcade Archives (thanks Famitsu!). The game will be available …

Unsuccessful attempts to setup M Audio Delta 44 in OS9

Mac OS9 Lives about 6 months ago

Hi there, Mac Noob here.I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to setup an M Audio Delta 44 on my Quicksilver 867mhz under OS9.I just can't seem to get any sound out of the breakout box no matter what settings I try. At times I can see activity in the D. …

Retro Rewind: August 1982 in Computer & Video Games – Pilot Episode!

Retro Arcadia about 7 months ago

You join me, dear reader, for a bit of an experiment! I started collecting Computer & Video Games magazine in earnest in early 1985, buying every issue every month until the middle of 1992 when, at 20-years old by then, a combination of falling behind …

MacTwister: a MacCon/Etherport/Shiva/Dayna Twisted Pair breakout board

Tinker Different about 7 months ago

Hello, I would like to share my project that is long overdue for publishing here - MacTwister, a fairly universal Twisted Pair breakout board for a variety of SE and SE/30 network cards. It’s about the small PCB that you screw to the computer chassis th …

Other 8-bit Commodore computers • Volume on C128 too loud using PC speakers

Lemon64 about 7 months ago

I have a C128 connected to some Dell powered PC speakers. Even when PC speakers are on their lowest volume setting, its far too loud. How are other people connecting their C64/C128 to speakers?I have C128 using DIN to RCA breakout cable, then an left/ri …

Innovative/groundbreaking Games?

Digital Press about 7 months ago

Hi all I am looking for your thoughts on innovative/groundbreaking games that pushed hardware/software forward. Or just a game that might be really unique. Staying away from PC only games I'll give a few examples of what I'm looking for: Legend of Zeld …

J21 breakout adapters

Tinker Different about 7 months ago

Coming soon to a near you - J21 breakout adapters for the #Apple #Macintosh SE & SE/30. Finally, you just use a bench power supply and a #RGBtoHDMI or #OSSC to troubleshoot boards! …

Supermarket • PiStorm32-Lite CM4, Expansion Breakout & 32Gb SD Card Bundle

LemonAmiga about 7 months ago

PiStorm32-Lite CM4, Expansion Breakout & 32Gb SD Card Bundle is now available in limited stock This is a plug and play bundle, all you need to do is install workbench.Full details below:https://www.retropass... ... b-sd-card/This thing …

Atari Reveals Art Created by Tim Lapetino and Phil Noto for Pixel Ripped 1978

Old School Gamer Magazine about 8 months ago

A Vibrant Throwback to the Atari Cover Art of Yesteryear What’s old is new again, as today, iconic entertainment producer Atari and award-winning developer ARVORE revealed the official game art for Pixel Ripped 1978, the upcoming virtual reality adventur …