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Exploring the 1980s Edition of Monopoly and How it Differs Today

Retromash about 2 days ago

Monopoly is one of the most beloved board games in history. In fact, it happens to be the best-selling board game since records began. Although chess is considered the most popular, Monopoly has been the most commercially successful, shifting over 275 mill …

The Nostalgia Effect: How Popular Are Retro-Style Online Slots?

Retromash about 2 days ago

Retro-style online slots have surged in popularity across the United States, tapping into a rich vein of nostalgia that beckons both new and seasoned players back to the simpler times of early gaming. These games blend classic appeal with modern technologi …

How mobile phones have widened the online gaming audience

Retromash about 4 days ago

Online gaming has quickly gone from bulky consoles and PCs to the sleek handheld devices we carry with us every day. Mobile phones, once simple communication tools, have become powerful gaming platforms, thanks to big technological advances and increased a …

Castaway Is An Adorable New Zelda-Like From The Developer Of Lunark

Time Extension about 16 days ago

Switch version "not planned" at the moment, though.Canari Games, the developer of the excellent cinematic platformer Lunark, has just announced an adorable new retro adventure game that is coming to PC, and the Steam page for it is now live.Castaway, as th …

The Top 25 Dreamcast Indie Games... Voted by You! (2024 Edition)

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 2 months ago

At the beginning of the year, we put the call out to the community to vote for their favourite indie releases for the Sega Dreamcast, and, as always, you have all responded in a big way! We had more than double the number of respondents than the last time …

introduce yourself • Hi from Falkirk, Scotland

Stardot about 7 months ago

Hi all,I've been very happy to purchase a refurbished BBC B from ebay seller "Acorn8Bits" which appear to be an enthusiastic restorer and seller of these machines. Like many of you I suspect, it's real use is a time machine to transform you back to the 80 …

HyperMegaTech's Super Pocket handhelds hit the budget spot

Portable Gaming Roundup about 9 months ago

As Sony and Microsoft continue to flog big boxes, there is room in gaming for all sizes of gadget and budgets. Meet the new handhelds from the Evercade folk at Blaze that deliver in-pocket gaming at a very fair cost. Update: Pre-orders live now with a …

How To Play PS1 Games On Steam Deck (The Easy Way)

Retro Dodo about 10 months ago

Looking to play Spyro, Croc, and Metal Gear Solid on your Steam Deck? You’ll need to know how to play PS1 games on Steam Deck, then! The debut system in Sony’s beloved PlayStation family of consoles was an incredibly successful console. The PS1 …

Game Review: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! on Nintendo Switch

Retro Arcadia about 11 months ago

I’m sure we all have our guilty gaming pleasures, and I’m also sure they’re mostly considered as such because they’re a bit crap one way or the other! A couple that spring to mind for me are certainly crap – take International Truck Racing on th …

Quintessential Gaming Experiences for a 90s Kid

Retromash about 1 year ago

While the 1980s are often hailed as when video gaming exploded into the mainstream, it could be argued that it was the rise of consoles and handheld devices in the 1990s that truly gave the industry its footing. With the Nintendo 64, Game Boy and PlayStati …