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The Top 25 Dreamcast Indie Games... Voted by You! (2024 Edition)

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 3 days ago

At the beginning of the year, we put the call out to the community to vote for their favourite indie releases for the Sega Dreamcast, and, as always, you have all responded in a big way! We had more than double the number of respondents than the last time …

The Bizarre Taito Taitan arcade cabinet

The Arcade Blogger about 1 month ago

Generic cabinets from the Golden Age of arcade gaming tended to be functional workhorses. Of course the beauty of dedicated cabinets from manufacturers such as Atari, Williams, Gottlieb and Sega is undeniable. Those cabinets usually had bespoke designs, d …

Focus drifts with usage (heat up) in the Samsung Syncmaster 753s Monitor

VCFed about 2 months ago

I have many Samsung SyncMaster 753s Monitors. But in most of them, I guess the focus has become thermal sensitive. The focus drifts over time. The focus does not remain constant over hours of usage. (This is not the case with later model models of Syncmast …

Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega CD, 32X • Mega Drive Core / Psycho Pinball Issue

MISTerFPGA about 2 months ago

Hi All,Can anybody please check this game for me and see if they can get it fully running ?On the below video at around 18:55 the game breaks when you shoot the mouth of the whale on the Abyss table. video, I …

Imsai VDP 80 Thoughts

VCFed about 2 months ago

I have the opportunity to buy a pretty rare system, but it's also in terrible condition. My understanding is that these units weren't well designed, and had thermal issues that plagued the floppy drive, particularly, and made it require constant realignmen …

Development for MiSTer • Where is KEY_MENU defined?

MISTerFPGA about 3 months ago

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find where the constant KEY_MENU is defined. It appears in user_io.cpp.Code: if (!osd_is_visible && !is_menu() && key == KEY_MENU && press == 3) open_joystick_setup(); …

Technical questions • Oric-1 Help Needed

Defence Force about 3 months ago

I started this refurb with high hopes of a quick and easy fix, however this is fighting me every step of the way.It was given new caps, the PSU was popped open and new cap fitted (these can be opened as the screws are just hidden with push-in plugs btw), …

other vintage hardware, software and languages • UK101 Programmable sound generator(PSG) AY-3-8910

Stardot about 3 months ago

Who does not remember the Premier Publication Software and Hardware projects like the AY-3-8910 Soundboard.In combination with Basic4/5/X ROMs, the Soundboard could be programmed directly in Basic.Now the AY-3-8910 is emulated beside an SN76489AN PSG that …

HP Vectra ES/12 (old 286 PC)

VCFed about 3 months ago

Hallo, I have a problem with my old PC and I'm looking for someone who can help. After switching PC on, the computer emits only a long, regular beep of about 2 seconds with about 5 second intervals (I would compare it to the sound of a burst from a machine …

Scene • Graphics routine - Basic wedge

Lemon64 about 3 months ago

This adds the following commands to basic HGR Hires Grahics On HGROFF Hires Graphics Off HFCOL Hires Fore Color HBCOL Hires Back Color HCLS Hires Clear Screen HLINE Hires Line HPLOT …

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Review or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love this Spiritual Successor to Jet Set Radio

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 4 months ago

Jet Set Radio (or as it was known in North America, Jet Grind Radio) came skating onto the scene in the year 2000. Developed by Sega's in-house studio Smilebit, the flagship Dreamcast release saw players enrol in the rollerblading GGs gang to claim their t …

32-bit acorn hardware • Archimedes screen memory

Stardot about 4 months ago

Where does it start? From Archimedes Assembley Language (the one with the yellow arm on the front) I've noticed that the end of Mode 15 memory (providing you entered BASIC from a desktop screen mode with 160K screen ram, which took a while to work out) is …

new projects in development: games • Space Probe : Simple Gravitational Force Simulation

Stardot about 4 months ago

Back in 1986 I coded a game for the ZX Spectrum that was published in Popular Computing Weekly. Remember that magazine, where you could type in Basic programs and perhaps get them to work?In this thread I'll be working on converting this to BBC Basic as p …

Software & Hardware • Amiga 1200 horizontal video interferences accessing data.

LemonAmiga about 4 months ago

Hi everyone, I have an Amiga 1200 assembled in the Philippines and every time the system accesses data, for example by opening a folder on the Workbench, horizontal interference appears on the screen. This is particularly annoying for games or application …

8-bit acorn hardware • Sideways ROM strange fault

Stardot about 4 months ago

Hi guysI have a beeb with a very strange fault on the sideways rom socketsIf I add multiple roms the machine will not switch on just black screen with constant toneWith basic rom and DFS the machine switches on, But * help does not display correctly I get …

General Discussions • KVM Swtiches

MISTerFPGA about 5 months ago

Can anyone explain why KVM switches and the MiSTer don't seem to work well together? Or recommend one that does actually work properly with a MiSTer system?I posted a question in the Newcomers section about my MiSTer (it's part of a MiSTer Multisystem set …

From One-Armed Bandits to Slingo Fun: Tracing the Evolution of Slot Gaming

Arcade Attack about 5 months ago

Images source: Unsplash   In the vibrant panorama of gaming, the transition from vintage slot machines to contemporary gaming platforms epitomises the industry’s constant evolution. This journey invites us to explore the captivating transformati …

Sony PlayStation (PSX) • Increment/Decrement Type Cheat Codes

MISTerFPGA about 5 months ago

Is it possible on Mister?I know some Action Replay/Gameshark codes can be translated into the Mister's Cheat function.But I can't find a list of all types of code available to use in Mister.For example:D0XXXXX 0010 (Joker Command "If" code - if you press …

In Super Mario World, Yoshi’s ability to make shockwave dust clouds appear whenever he lands from a…

Supper Mario Broth about 5 months ago

In Super Mario World, Yoshi’s ability to make shockwave dust clouds appear whenever he lands from a jump, obtained from yellow Koopa Troopa shells, does not interact properly with moving platforms, such as the ones in the Valley of Bowser 2 level.Whe …

Apple Macintosh Classic II rap - why does it do this?

VCFed about 5 months ago

I've recapped both the analogue board and the logic board. The logic board tests good in other machines. Does anyone know why my machine does this constant reboot thing? Classic II on YouTube …

The History Of Tamagotchi

Retro Dodo about 5 months ago

It’s time to get nostalgic as take a look at one of the most iconic toys of the 90s and delve into the wild and wonderful history of Tamagotchi! Despite Tamagotchi-mania first exploding in the 90s, these little pocket pets have recently seen a bi …

Discovering G-LOC: Air Battle on Nintendo Switch / Arcade

Retro Arcadia about 5 months ago

Was there ever a better example of style over substance in gaming than Dragon’s Lair? That’s what I was wondering recently as I failed once again to get off the very first screen of the 1989 Atari ST port of the 1983 Cinematronics arcade game! There h …

Software & Hardware • Problems With 1084 Monitor After Replacing Flyback and HOT

LemonAmiga about 6 months ago

Hi there,This is my first post, and probably like many other first post cases, it is starting with problem:)My 1084 S-P1 suddenly started with high pitch constant whining following with loss of picture and power light. I bought new flyback and HOT and rep …