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CMC International Super System II

VCFed about 21 hours ago

I bought some more stuff I shouldn't have on ebay. It's a CMC International System II. I can find very little information about it. It has a Z80 processor and runs CP/M. I wanted to post about it and if anyone has any information about the computer, softwa …

Atari ST / STe • MIDEX+ on MiSTer

MISTerFPGA about 3 days ago

So is this something worth pursuing? I can scoop one up and reverse engineering stuff like this is very much my thing but never having looked inside one, IDK if there is a processor in there that will need code or is it just a bunch of logic …

8-bit acorn hardware • Why "This is not a language" but not "This is not a filing system"?

Stardot about 5 days ago

I've wondered this on and off, and decided to wonder again today.If a Master has its language configured to a ROM that isn't a language ROM, it gives the error "This is not a language" and goes to a supervisor prompt.But if a Master has a filing system co …

8-bit acorn hardware • MMFS on a Master 512

Stardot about 6 days ago

Hi,I'm thinking of installing MMFS on a recently acquired Master 512.Before I do, can someone advise if MMFS can be accessed by the 512's co processor to load DOS files?Also is their a consensus kn which version of MMFS would be best suited?Thanks, …

8-bit acorn hardware • Tube ULA Re-Implementation

Stardot about 7 days ago

Hi all,Part 1 : Project OverviewI have a 6502 Cheese Wedge with a broken ULA, so I thought it would be nice to get this back into service. As original ULAs are rather hard to come by, it's worth creating a modern replacement. This is a fairly well-worn pa …

Pro-Log 4410 (PLS-441) Logic Processor Card

VCFed about 7 days ago

I have a Pro-Log 4410 (PLS-441) Logic Processor Card up for offers This card uses an Intel 4040 4-Bit CPU …

The Forgotten Via C3 Processor

Action Retro about 13 days ago

acorn & bbc micro user group (abug) events • Booking thread: ABUG North, 26th-28th January 2024. Manchester

Stardot about 14 days ago

n.b. I've unapologetically pinched JudgeBeeb's format for this post, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!ABUG NorthWe're pleased to announce that booking is now open for the next in person ABUG North. The event will run from 2pm on Friday until …

Difficulty with expansion RAM on Baby Blue II multicard

VCFed about 18 days ago

So, I'm trying to set up a Baby Blue II IO multicard/Z80 co-processor board I snagged at VCF Midwest back in September. I'm currently trying to rig it to work with my IBM 5155 (256k, motherboard max) to start, but despite the internal diagnostics (TESTBBII …

WTB: 933MHz G4 processor (single, not dual)

Mac OS9 Lives about 20 days ago

I don't know what they're worth so let me know what you want for yours. I'll need shipping to Australia too. Destined as an upgrade for my 800MHz Quicksilver.  …

8-bit acorn software: other • Running basic from the IO processor with a CoPro

Stardot about 21 days ago

How do you run BASIC from the IO processor without disabling the coprocessor?I've tried putting FF on the load and execution addresses.This is mainly for my menu system as copros get less uncommon.Most BASIC programs work fine from the copro, but lots don …

For Sale/Trade: Morrow Designs Micro Decision: $300 or equiv. trade

VCFed about 24 days ago

Located in Northern Virginia, local pickup very much preferred over shipping. ------ Morrow Designs Micro Decision in Original Boxes, including manuals, keyboard, and terminal made by Lear Siegler (ADM-20)! Everything is in excellent cosmetic shape, wit …

Apple ii plus boots to Apple ii screen but won’t load disks

Apple Fritter about 27 days ago

Hello group,I have an Apple ii plus that boots to an Apple II screen and cursor but when I try to load and disks I get garbage on the screen. It will execute a small basic program I type in fine. I know one of the 6 ROMs is bad so I’m booting it off a RO …

Looking for a 25MHz 68030 Surface Mount Processor

Apple Fritter about 1 month ago

Just as the title says.   I got a couple of Macintosh IIci's. One had a battery explosion and is sadly unsalvageable (nice case though). The other was a bit beat up, dad some capacitor leakage, and some damage to the processor. Sadly the Processor was a …

Games • Woodys World sound bug

LemonAmiga about 1 month ago

Hello all.This is my first post here - I just registered - but I have been visiting Lemon Amiga for many years, ever since I found a link to it in HOL (Hall Of Light). I am an Amiga old timer and in my day I owned an A2000 (bought in 87, had a crappy daug …

IBM processor board from 1982

VCFed about 1 month ago

In wooden case commemorating first customer shipment on July 23, 1982 …

8-bit acorn emulators • CiscOS and a real 68K?

Stardot about 1 month ago

In discussion of a possible b-em issue it has come to light that CiscOS misidentifies the CPU it is running on when running in b-em. See ... 1774507835 for more details but code in CiscOS to identify the CPU works …

8-bit acorn hardware • BBC running too fast

Stardot about 1 month ago

Hi guys One of my bbc computers seems to be running too fastNormally it’s the other way around people moaning about slow performance Noticing it when running games like zalaga it runs like it’s super charged and at turn on I often get repeated charact …

Exact math co processor number for performa 460 (LC3+) serial number needed

VCFed about 2 months ago

Hi all. I need a serial or model number for the proper math co processor for a Performa 460 (LC3+) machine. It’s a 33 mhz machine, so I know enough to look for a 33 mhz chip. However I see variations in model numbers out there. Can some one clarify the …

[WTS] Type 1 Processor 486 Board Ibm Ps/2 model 90/95

VCFed about 2 months ago

I sell my Type 1 Processor 486 Board Ibm Ps/2 model 90/95. It is very rare and in good condition. I sell for 300 euro + cost of shipping. I can send in all world. …

eBay HP 39gs new $20 + $5

VCFed about 2 months ago

... HP 39gs Graphing Calculator Infared USB & Serial Calculus Trig ~ SEALED | eBay Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Genuine HP 39gs Gra …

What is the fastest compatible Pentium 3 370 socket for motherboard jetway J-618AF (I have FP-i815 rev 2)

VCFed about 2 months ago

What is the fastest compatible Pentium 3 370 socket for motherboard jetway J-618AF (I have FP-i815 rev 2). Just picked MOBO 370 jetway J-618AF (I have FP-i815 rev 2) and noted it has a 400mhz celeron processor but my limited knowledge/research indicates i …

New version of the "B7094" emulator system for IBM 709x and 704x mainframes from the early 1960's

VCFed about 2 months ago

There is a new release of the "B7094" IBM 7094 emulator at . This new version, as well as fixing some long-standing bugs in the user interface, has updated demos to include an alternate IBSYS ("KSYS61&qu …

programming • Weekend coding challenge: Klauber's triangle of primes

Stardot about 2 months ago

I've been meaning to try to code this up, but haven't got started. Why don't we all do it in parallel, I thought? So here's a weekend coding challenge - write some code, and share it here, but only after the deadline. An extremely informal challenge.Pos …

Buffalo 286-486

VCFed about 2 months ago

Found this today (actually fell out of a box I was moving) it's a Buffalo HSP-16E. Tried it out on a PS@ Model 50z but nothing happened. Is there software for these processor upgrades? …