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Space Invaders Creator Becomes Honorary Member Of Japan's Game Preservation Society On 80th Birthday

Time Extension about 22 days ago

"I believe I still have a lot to learn".On Sunday, 31 March 2024, the legendary Tomohiro Nishikado celebrates his 80th birthday, and to honour this occasion, the Japanese Game Preservation Society is inducting him as an honorary member.Every single person …

Resistance Retribution fights from PSP to PS5

Portable Gaming Roundup about 2 months ago

 After something of a lull, PlayStation's library of essential PSP games are on the move to modern platforms again. This month with Bend Studio's mighty Resistance Retribution landing on PS4/PS5 for PlayStation Plus subscribers (or those that own the …

The Bizarre Taito Taitan arcade cabinet

The Arcade Blogger about 3 months ago

Generic cabinets from the Golden Age of arcade gaming tended to be functional workhorses. Of course the beauty of dedicated cabinets from manufacturers such as Atari, Williams, Gottlieb and Sega is undeniable. Those cabinets usually had bespoke designs, d …

Color Space Invaders for Commodore PET

VCFed about 3 months ago

This version of Space Invaders supports Steve Gray's colour PET module. I imagine that means two people on planet Earth can use it, though it works on normal PET's too. It doesn't support joystick just yet because I've given in to frustration.... there is …

8-bit acorn software: games - high scores • High Score Challenge Nominations - Season 22

Stardot about 4 months ago

Hi Folks,Welcome to season 22....all right then......Please post your 3 chosen games using the guidelines below and submit them in this thread. Please ensure the game exists online (I'll continue posting so that you can download from the Complete BBC Gam …

And now for something completely different... about 5 months ago

For those of you who collect more than the O2, check out "Ed Averett's Oddysey2 Inspiration Pack" for ColecoVision. A new cart with a little hardware help that allows 24 O2 games to be played on the ColecoVision.Includes:Alien Invaders – Pl …

Space Invaders Creator Gets To Grips With 1/4 Scale 'Quarter Arcades' Cab

Time Extension about 5 months ago

Shipping now!Forty-five years ago, Tomohiro Nishikado created Space Invaders, one of the most influential video games of all time. Now, he's getting to grips with the game via an entirely new format: a 1/4 scale arcade cab from Quarter Arcades.Numskull Des …

Alien Invaders - Plus (10/11-2023) about 6 months ago

So the rest of October and November shall be Alien Invaders Plus. Post your best scores by Thursday November 30, and the winner will win when they win. So get to it. …

Is anyone any good at Alien Invaders - Plus!? about 6 months ago

I can't score one point. There's just too many invaders on the screen at once. So I just wondered if anyone is any good at the game or if it's just a bad game. …

introduce yourself • Hi from Northamptonshire

Stardot about 7 months ago

Hello!My name is Neil Beresford.Back in the day (2008/9) - I wrote Spare Invaders, using SWIFT and P65. The disk image and source were on Retro Software (Still is) and just out of interest, I found out that in 2013 8b-software's magazine featured it on th …

Seiko Releasing 'Space Invaders' Watch For Game's 45th Anniversary

Time Extension about 8 months ago

Limited to 1,978 units worldwide.The watch manufacturer Seiko is releasing an incredible new watch design to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Taito's Space Invaders (as reported by 4Gamer and spotted by Siliconera).Originally hitting arcades in 1978, the …

SPACE INVADERS: World Defense – A Cool New AR Smartphone Game

Australian Retro Gamer about 8 months ago

Hold onto your blasters, because Taito – the developers of the OG Space Invaders – have unleashed Space Invaders: World Defense, a 3D augmented reality (AR) extravaganza that turns your smartphone into an alien-blasting weapon. Picture this: you’ …

Retro Arcadia Weekly Spotlight # 95

Retro Arcadia about 8 months ago

Back again for our regular Sunday roundup of quick-fire reviews and impressions of everything under the spotlight at Retro Arcadia this week, old and new and a bit of both… I’ve been away for holiday part two though, so once again, please excuse the h …

6 Best PSP JRPG Games of All Time

Retro Dodo about 9 months ago

When the PSP launched, it was a pretty revolutionary bit of kit, bringing some serious graphical advantages over its main competitor at the time – the Nintendo DS. Because of this developers around the globe put out a plethora of titles on the sy …

The Story Of Sir Lancelot

Old School Gamer Magazine about 9 months ago

It was to be the last hurrah of the 16K ZX Spectrum, a fast and exciting platform game squeezed into a minuscule amount of memory. In Antstream Arcade’s latest developer interview, we chat with Stephen Cargill, co-creator of the brilliant Sir Lancelot. T …

New Releases • New Release - C64 B.G.Pack: C.Wolfenstein +8D / Fix it Felix Jr. V1.1 / Mr. Do! +7 … by nightfallcrew

Lemon64 about 9 months ago

https://www.nightfallcrew.... ... r-do-7hdg/Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.Titles:Grimassenschn... Snake +Irrweg Meister V1.1Irrweg Meister V1.1 …

Game Boy Color Clone Of Space Invaders Gets Reissue Over 20 Years Later

Time Extension about 9 months ago

'Space Invasion' was originally released around 2001.Publisher Thalamus Digital has just announced the release of a newly revamped version of Space Invasion — a Space Invaders clone that it developed over 20 years ago for the Game Boy Color.Space Invasio …

Episode 110 - PC vs Mac! + Battle Of The Systems: Marathon vs Star Wars: Dark Forces

Pixel Gaiden Gaming Podcast about 9 months ago

We're back for Episode 110! In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news +  Battle Of The Systems: Marathon (Mac) vs Star Wars: Dark Forces (PC) We are doing news for the first monthly episode and then "catching up" later in the month.   Episode …

You Can Now Pre-Register For Google's New AR Space Invaders Experience

Time Extension about 9 months ago

You can now battle space invaders in your own neighbourhood.Earlier this year, Google announced that it was working with Taito on a new AR game called Space Invaders: World Defense, based on the popular 1978 arcade game. This will use Google's new ARCore t …

Space Invaders: Taito's One Hit Wonder?

Museum of the Game about 10 months ago

I tried to find other video games from Taito starting with Space Invaders from 1978 and onward. But besides Pong, the only information online that I found about other games from Taito were before 1978, which was that genre of mechanical arcade games, whi …

C-Smash VRS Review: A Cosmic Revival in ReVRie

The Dreamcast Junkyard about 10 months ago

Past works are lost when they stop conversing with the present. Honoring old games requires us to continue engaging with them, of course, but the onus is also on them to reciprocate. To enrich their legacy, revivals and follow-ups must do more than pander …

"I Now Recognize Space Invaders Was The Best Game I Ever Made"

Time Extension about 10 months ago

Creator Tomohiro Nishikado 45 years on.Space Invaders is 45 this year. It hit Japanese arcades on April 1st, 1978, before mass production kicked off on June 16th of the same year, and an urban legend quickly arose that its incredible popularity triggered a …

Space Invaders - El Paso TX $500

Museum of the Game about 10 months ago

Space Invaders arcade game complete minus the monitor. I bought this with a broken monitor neck. I still have the chassis if you want it. I added an LCD as I just wanted to play the game. Everything else is original. The game is in pretty nice condition. …

Game Review: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! on Nintendo Switch

Retro Arcadia about 11 months ago

I’m sure we all have our guilty gaming pleasures, and I’m also sure they’re mostly considered as such because they’re a bit crap one way or the other! A couple that spring to mind for me are certainly crap – take International Truck Racing on th …