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General Discussions • Need help installing ScummVM

MISTerFPGA about 5 days ago

Hello, I am looking for a way to install ScummVM. I downloaded the install_scummvm script and I went ahead and tried to run it in misterfpga and the script fails with an error. Can anyone help me please? …

General Discussions • MS-DOS has been Open-Sourced!

MISTerFPGA about 9 days ago

MS-DOS has been Open-Sourced! We Build and Run it! AO486 core... ScummVM(?) 0mhz collection... What happens now? …

Nintendo 64 (N64) • N64 ScummVM Port - Saving?

MISTerFPGA about 3 months ago

This might be a dumb question, but I'm trying to get saves working with the Scummvm n64 port and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas.The notes for the port say it supports controllerpak and flash ram, with a preference for flash. I've added th …

ScummVM Announces Support For '90s Point And Click Classic Orion Burger

Time Extension about 4 months ago

Featuring the legendary voice talent of Rob Paulsen and Jim Cummings.In a new update on its website, the team behind ScummVM has announced full support for Sanctuary Woods' '90s point-and-click classic Orion Burger in its daily builds.The team is currently …

ScummVM Adds Support For 50 More Games, Including Muppet Treasure Island

Time Extension about 5 months ago

RetroArch recode! Online multiplayer! Nancy Drew!ScummVM has been updated to 2.8.0, bringing support for 50 more games and a raft of other improvements.Version 2.8.0 – which has the codename "Mysteries, Mammoths, and Muppets" – brings support for five …

Under the Fir Tree: The Day of St. Claus

CD-ROM Journal about 5 months ago

What kind of life would a dog have at the North Pole? What could a puppy do to help Santa? Under The Fir Tree: The Day of St. Claus (??????? The Day of St. Claus), an interactive storybook for Mac released in 1994, follows a small dog after they get strand …

ScummVM 2.8.0 Adding Support For 7 Macromedia Director Titles

Time Extension about 5 months ago

Including The Dark Eye, Wrath of the Gods, and more.In a recent blog post, ScummVM announced that 7 Macromedia Director titles will be supported in its upcoming 2.8.0 release and are currently being put through testing in its daily builds.This list of game …

Classical Cats

CD-ROM Journal about 6 months ago

Sometimes, all you need is to take two things you love and put them together. For visual artist and classical musician Mitsuhiro Amada, that's classical art, classical music, and cats. Amada has made a career out of pairing his particular interests. A c …

Other Computer / System Cores • ScummVM Shaders?

MISTerFPGA about 6 months ago

Hello all.As the topic suggests, I am wondering if there is any way to access shaders on the MiSTer version of ScummVM? I'm new to this core as I've only just installed it, so not sure if I'm missing something obvious, but I don't see any options for scan …

Official Addon Boards • MT32-pi works on MiSTer but what about Windows?

MISTerFPGA about 6 months ago

hi,i'm using a raspberry pi 3 with MT32-pi and with MiSTer it works flawlessly. I wonder if i can use it with a Windows 10 too für ScummVM (with the real Roland MT-32 option) or as a MIDI Synthesizer with a MIDI/USB-adapter . For testing i setup a news s …

Other Computer / System Cores • Electronic Games/Electronic Board Games + MADrigal Simulators

MISTerFPGA about 7 months ago

I've enjoyed the MADrigal Simulators for years: http://www.madrigaldesign.i... ...and it has been ported to many platforms. These are a nice companion to the Game & Watch core, and I wondered if a port be possible for MiSTer. Maybe …

ScummVM Opens Public Testing For iOS Port

Time Extension about 9 months ago

Play classic LucasArts games on the go!Yesterday (September 7th), ScummVM, the program that allows players to run many of their favourite adventure games from companies like LucasArts and Revolution, announced that it had opened public beta testing for the …

Journey to the Source: An Expedition along the Yangtze River

CD-ROM Journal about 10 months ago

"When drinking water, think about the source"—or so says the old Chinese proverb. When explorer Wong How Man's parents told him this as a child, though, they couldn't have imagined that it would take him 6,300 kilometres up the Yangtze. CD-ROMs ha …

A Chronology of First CD-ROM Games

CD-ROM Journal about 11 months ago

I've seen many CD-ROM retrospectives that credit Myst and The 7th Guest (both 1993) as the "first CD-ROM game" or "first CD-ROM adventure". Other sources may cite games a year or two earlier, or into the 80s, but there's little consistency in the definitio …

Muppets Treasure Island Game Is Now Playable Again, Thanks To ScummVM

Time Extension about 11 months ago

Time to dust off your old CD-ROMs!The folks behind ScummVM, the popular tool for making your old computer games playable on modern machines, have announced that a new game is now available for public testing.Muppets Treasure Island is an Activision-develop …

Ganbare! Inuchan

CD-ROM Journal about 2 years ago

"Dogs are cute! Dogs are cool!"— Inuchan's SongMore!! Compleat Inuchan (A-side), music and lyrics by Kenso Kato, 1988 What kind of music do you figure a dog would create if he had a band? This is the burning question answered by Kenso Kato's Ganbare …

Happy Pi Day – RetroPie 4.8 is released

RetroPie about 2 years ago

Happy Pi Day! After a long wait, we are pleased to announce the release of RetroPie 4.8. The RetroPie 4.8 images are built on the latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS Lite Buster (which is now their legacy release). This image supports the latest …

RetroPie 4.7 is now available

RetroPie about 4 years ago

RetroPie 4.7 images are now available, and include a variety of changes and improvements. We marked RetroPie 4.6 as having beta support for the Raspberry Pi 4. We now believe it to work well enough to remove the beta label. RetroPie 4.7 supports the ne …

RetroPie 4.6 released with Raspberry Pi 4 support.

RetroPie about 4 years ago

We are very pleased to announce RetroPie 4.6 with beta support for the Raspberry Pi 4. It’s been some time since we last updated our pre-built images. However development has been ongoing in the background, and a lot of changes have been made sin …

RetroPie 4.5 is released

RetroPie about 5 years ago

After some delays due to recent issues we are pleased to announce RetroPie 4.5. This version does NOT work on the recently released Raspberry Pi 4. We are currently working on support for this. IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has come to our attention tha …

RetroPie 4.4 is released

RetroPie about 6 years ago

RetroPie 4.4 is out, bringing with it Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ support via our new Raspbian Stretch based images. Raspbian Jessie is no longer receiving firmware and kernel updates, so the move to the new version was required. For RPI users it is recommende …

RetroPie 4.3 is released

RetroPie about 7 years ago

RetroPie 4.3 includes a lot of improvements to our default launcher Emulation Station, including Favourites/Recently Played and custom ROM collections, video and image screensavers, power saving modes, and the ability to configure your own RetroArch hotkey …