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Street Fighter 6 Director Has A Soft Spot For Naughty Dog's Maligned 3DO Fighter, Way Of The Warrior

Time Extension about 9 days ago

"I immediately ran to Akihabara".Takayuki Nakayama is the director of Street Fighter 6, so it's fair to say that he knows a fair bit about what makes a good fighting game – which makes his recent blog post about Naughty Dog's Way of the Warrior all the m …

Feature: Lost In Cult On Books, Vinyl And Working With PlayStation, Naughty Dog And HarperCollins

Time Extension about 8 months ago

"The past year has been indescribable".When we launched Time Extension over a year ago, we ran an interview with Lost in Cult founder Jon Doyle. Just like us, Doyle's creative studio was still something of a baby at that point; it had produced a few issues …

Uncharted 6 Release Date, Rumours, & More

Retro Dodo about 11 months ago

Grab your treasure hunting pack and get ready to dive into danger once more as we check out everything we know about Uncharted 6! Nathan Drake could well be one of the most famous video gaming characters of all time, sitting up there with the Master Ch …

Top 10 Most Overrated PS1 Games of All Time

Infinity Retro about 1 year ago

Today we’re talking about overrated PS1 games. Any console with a library as big as the original PlayStation is bound to have some titles that the critics, and fans alike, got wrong. Okay I’ll be the first to admit that statement came off a bit …